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how to bulletproof a dodge transmission

making the 47/48RE bulletproof LawnSite

I have finally purchased all the aftermarket soft parts to upgrade the 47/48RE or A518/618 case. Now before the Dodge haters jump in let it be known for me I have torn up The Ford 4R100 quicker than any Dodge transmission I have owned. The OEM39s could build a transmission like this but cost is the limiting factor and consumers would complain.

How to bullet proof a 24v Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

I39ve run in to some trouble hoping you may be able to help. I39m trying to swap a NV4500 with the 6 speed 13/8quot input shaft previously 47RH in my 95 Dodge 2500. Installed a LUK LFW300 flywheel for 0105 Dodge and HD single disk clutch kit is Platinum Driveline 05101HD32 0105 Dodge...

Bulletproofing A Diesel Pickup Does Not Mean Indestructible ...

Im fairly certain I have been asked to bulletproof something at least two million times in the past year. I understand what they mean when they say it but Im not sure they understand what they are going to get exactly. Or rather what they should be able to do with a bulletproofed truck.There are a couple examples that come to mind instantly. First would be the infamous 6.0 ...

Bulletproofing ABampT Diesel Repair

Automatic Transmission. With nearly all diesel trucks running at least a programmer these days most automatic transmissions are virtual ticking time bombs. From GMs Allison 1000 to essentially every Dodge 68RFE and Aisin automatic transmission even an additional 100 to 150 hp can destroy them.

Rebuilding The 904 Torqueflite Transmission Mopar Muscle ...

Read on as we show you how we rebuilt out 904 Torqueflite transmission into our 1989 Diplomat police car. Tune in for more details along with photos only in Mopar Muscle Magazine

Bulletproof drivetrain completed SHR tranny installed ...

Well a couple years back I broke a stock halfshaft and the other halfshaft got stuck in the 215 rearend permanently. One Getrag 3.06 with upgraded halfshafts and hubs later I39m back to the track with a true limited slip differential. No more peg legged burnouts Back to the track and my...

How to bullet proof a 24v IGOTACUMMINS

So being that im about to purchase 2001 HO 24v with the nv5600. I39d like to quotbullet proofquot it. I haven39t seen any threads on here detailing necessary upgrades. First step I know everyone says upgrade the lift pump. Ok but what brand what gph what kit. I39ll be ordering gauges to keep an eye on fuel pressure as well as pyro and boost. I have no plan on making this a race truck. Just a good ...

Ram 3500 BulletProof Transmission Truck Tech


The Novak Guide to the AisinWarner AX15 Transmission

The 4wd version of the AX15 transmission case is 161/2quot long. It features a cast aluminum case with a castaluminum midplate. The case is generously ribbed and features the shifter in the rear quarter of the assembly. In the vein of newer transmissions the AX15 uses dowel pins for bellhousing alignment.

My bulletproof list for 2nd gen Dodge Ram 1500 ramtrucks

My bulletproof list for 2nd gen Dodge Ram 1500 This is a list I put together for a 1999 Ram 1500 with a 5.9L I owned. There39s been some interest in my list so I39m posting it here.

Project NSX Part 1 Building the Bulletproof Transaxle MotoIQ

Project NSX Part 1 Building the Bulletproof Transaxle. Posted on July 7 2009 July 4 2018 by Mike Kojima Project NSX Part 1 Building the Bulletproof Transaxle. by Billy Johnson and Mike Kojima. The Acura NSX is regarded as one of the premier cars from the era of the Japanese Supercar.

Dodge guys who have broken a transmission... Pirate 4x4

dont lug it when loaded down RPMs are the transmissions friend. sure the motor can glog.glog.glog that load up the hill at 1400rpm but the line pressure in the trans is proportional to RPM. drop it down a gear let it rev and take your time. be content to go the speed the truck wants not impatient about going the speed you want.

Upgrade your Transmission to Performance Level with BD Diesel ...

The 1 reason transmissions fail is overheating generally due to clutch slippage. With the right hydraulic pressure and clutch material from BD Diesel you can avoid this altogether. Get these ...

48RE Transmission Rebuild And Install Diesel Power Magazine

Driving a Bulletproof Transmission Dodges fourspeed automatic transmissions require an aggressive shift pattern and increased line pressure to cope with the torque of a modified Cummins. The ...

Bullet Proof Transmission Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

I have been skimming the forums all day and im trying to find a good recipe to build a bullet proof transmission. i do haul trucks around so i want something that will keep up but i would also like something that can be a dd. i dont want to go with a premade one from ATS or BD as i have heard that they are not what they are cracked up to be. i ...

My Dodge Ram Won39t Shift Into Overdrive It Still Runs

Dodge Ram trucks come stock with an overdrive or O/D function that enables them to switch between three and four gears. When the overdrive is off the truck operates on three gears allowing it to pull more weight and giving it more power. When the overdrive is on the truck operates on four gears using less power ...

Gallery Bulletproofing a 727 Torqueflite With TCI Auto ...

The Super Street Fighter kit is only one of several levels of performance kits particularly the Sizzler Street Fighter Super Street Fighter and Race transmission kits. As per TCI the Super StreetFighter is aimed for the group between the Street Fighter and Race series transmissions for cars producing up to 600 horsepower.

Install a Bulletproof 727 TorqueFlite in Your ABody

The 1971 Dodge Project Demon is getting a 727 TorqueFlite transmission rebuild and installed. Check out the details only at or the June 2012 issue of Car Craft Magazine.

4th gen Ram39s powertrain Bulletproof DODGE RAM FORUM

I have been on this forum for over 4 months and I haven39t seen any complaints for the powertrain besides the torque converter which was fixed in 2012. Do you think the 5.7l hemi with the 5/6 speed transmission is bulletproof

Dodge Ram 48RE Automatic Transmission Upgrades and Cooling ...

The A727 was a bulletproof transmission that held up behind 425 horsepower 426 Hemi V8s 440 Bblocks in Class A motorhomes and Dodge trucks to at least 1ton capacity. When this transmission grew into an overdrive the A580 was the earliest stab at it and frankly that39s not the best unit although some do build them for muscle car ...

How to Rebuild Chrysler A883 4Speed Transmissions

A tailmounted shifter and retangular 10bolt side cover clearly distinguishes the A833 transmission from many other manual transmissions. The A833 is a sideloaded transmission with all gears situated in the main case. In addition the A833 has a 738inch bell housing and its internals are different than other gearboxes.

Bullet proof 46re DODGE RAM FORUM Dodge Truck Forums

DODGE RAM FORUM Dodge Truck Forums. Forums gt Dodge Ram Generations Forum gt 2nd Gen 1994 ... I want to rebuild it since I know how but I want to bullet proof it ...

93 cummins getrag..BULLET PROOF Diesel Truck Forum ...

An NV4500 is far superior.. many UPS trucks use the NV4500 manual transmission and they withstand a lot of hard use. The getrag is not for heavy duty use. If I were converting to a manual transmission it would be a 5 or 6 speed new venture.

Bulletproof Your Dodge Transmission Diesel World

The 47RH fourspeed in our 95 Dodge was based on an original 727 muscle car transmission 89 to 91 Dodges actually had 727 threespeeds except the 47 Series has an overdrive gear along with a lockup converter. This gave Dodge diesels a whole new rpm range as well as lockup for better mileage and increased power to the ground.

Building a Bulletproof NP205 Transfer Case 4Wheel and Off ...

Since our application for this bulletproof 205 project is our 3985 GMC 2500 3/4ton with a TH400 tranny and an NP208 we decided to go for maximum strength and adaptability.

Fixing The 68RFE Transmission With BD Diesel Performance

Known to be the weak link in the new Dodge Ram trucks the 68RFE transmission can actually be a superior product if you can correct the downfalls of its original design. For starters BD has found that the cross leaks in the valve body have been a serious problem.

Armored RAM 1500 Bulletproof Dodge Truck The Armored Group

An armored Dodge RAM 1500 built by The Armored Group meets the highest standards of safety amp undergoes extreme ballistics testing. Prepare to live

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