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warehouse green beret vs celestion greenback

Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12 39 Retro 30 Guitar Speaker MINT ...

Buy Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12 39 Retro 30 Guitar Speaker MINT from only 85.00 Thanks for checking out my auctions For Sale 1WGS Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12 Retro 30 Guitar Speaker. Like NEW Barely Used 8ohm 75 watt. Sounds like the famous Vintage 30 speaker.The 12 Retro 30 speaker is a brighter and more articulate version of the WGS Veteran 30 ...

RigTalk View topic Celestion Greenbacks vs. WGS green beret

Re Celestion Greenbacks vs. WGS green beret Wed Aug 01 2012 355am squank wrote After doing the side by side with new GBs and new Green Berets I couldn 39t say which one I would choose.

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Warehouse Guitar Speakers Celestion clones Gearslutz

Yep the WGS are killer I bought 4 of the Veteran 30 39s back when they were still 20 a speaker and have compared them to the Celestion V30 39s and they dfegadon the the Celestion versions IMO its like they they took the Celestion v30 39s and improved it. The celestions got drop kicked right out the door....

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Celestion Vintage 30 vs Celestion 25 watt Greenbacks ...

Celestion Vintage 30 vs Celestion 25 watt Greenbacks. Discussion in 39Cabinets and Speakers 39 started by pittbull ... There are also WGS Green Berets and Reapers. I 39ve ...

Eminence Private Jack Anyone have any experience Orange ...

I had posted a while ago looking for some advice about speakers to pair with my TT in an openbacked 2x12. Jamison162 had suggested 2 Private Jacks. I was slightly concerned as I wasn 39t looking for another quotgreenbackyquot speaker I had 2 WGS Green Berets in there before but I took his advice anyways. And they 39re AWESOME.

Speakers similar to the Greenback

Just ordered two for the JCM 800 combo. The Seven Trust at WGS assured me that unlike the Celestion GBs I 39ve blown two with a 50 watter before two of their 25watt Green Berets will handle a 50 watt JCM 800 with no worries. That 39s how guitar speakers should be rated.

Changing speaker in Mark V Combo The Boogie Board

I heard an A/B comparison at the NAMM show between their Veteran 30 and the Celestion Vintage 30. The Warehouse was impressive to say the least. That may be something to check into as well and they seem to be reasonably priced made in the US etc. I have no affiliation with Warehouse Guitar Speakers btw

Bugera G20 Infinium 20watt ClassA Tube Head Reviews

This is a really cool amp. It can be colored with the speahers or cab you pair it with. I tried it with a greenback 112 V30 and a eminence tonker i like it with the tonker the best in a 112 setup and into a 412 cab with 2 v30 39s and 2 warehouse green berets. For my use im going to use it with the 112 cab. Now all the features are really great.

12quot Green Beret 25 watts Warehouse Guitar Speakers

The 12 Green Beret guitar speaker brings crunchy cone breakup growling bass great headroom and aggressive mids together better than any other 25 watt speaker. Upgrade for Celestion G12M Greenback .

Help with speakers to match the new Dual Rectifier The ...

Orange 4x12 Green Beret I 39m less impressed with this cab after hearing the real Celestion G12M25 this morning. Compared to the Celestion I found the WGS to sound thinner and sort of ratty in it 39s cone breakup. The Celstion broke up lower in the mids and seemed to have a firmer sound to it.

Digging my WGS Green Beret.wmv YouTube

WGS Reaper and Green Beret Unboxing and Demo Duration ... Celestion or Warehouse Who comes closest to the ORIGINAL GREENBACK ... WGS Reaper vs Celestion G12H30 SHORT.wmv Duration ...

Warehouse Guitar Speakers WGS Green Beret Initial Review ...

FWIW I 39ve got a Greenback in my extension cab and the G12H30 is the internal speaker in my C30. I love the combo but I also realize that everyone has their own ideals about what the perfect tone is. Glad you 39re happy with the new speaker. I 39ve heard a lot of great reviews of the Warehouse Speakers and the Green Beret particularly.

Difference between WGS Veteran 30 and Retro 30 The Tone Rooms

HM75 is beefy. I have a pair in a 4x12 in an X pattern with a pair of Green Berets. The HM75s really fatten up the crunchy Green Berets. The Green Berets definitely do not meet your requirements as they are a little hairy in the high end with a mid punch Reaper is slightly scooped.

Greenbacks with quot6402quot cones Green Berets Warehouse ...

I am close to pulling the trigger on a quad of either Green Berets Reaper 30 39s or a combination in order to get closer to Van Halen 1 tone. Rockstah Mark says he uses older Celestion Greenbacks with 6402 on the cones.

The cheaper greenback options WGS Green Beret Mojo BV25 ...

The WGS Green Berets don 39t use the same size magnet as the OEM Celestion Greenbacks. WGS are 30oz magnets and the Celestion Greenbacks are 35oz magnets. That will slightly change the tones of the original speaker design of the Greenbacks because of the magnetic strength.

Warehouse Guitar Speakers Green Beret 12quot 25W British ...

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Need help selecting the right 2x12 for my Mesa Dual ... Jemsite

My idea right now was to get a nicely built 2x12 cabinet and put 2 Warehouse Green Berets in there their great green back clones . However one of my friends told me he was afraid my 100W Dual Rec would blow the green berets or green backs in a 2x12 after I turned up the amp enough to get the good tone out of the tubes.

Will the real Greenback please stand up Orange Amps Forum

1 Celestion Reissues MIC Great production speakers don 39t diss them becasue they are made in China This is my standard basis of reference for that GB tone. 25 watts. 2 Celestion G1265 Similar to GB type tone but fuller in the lows and mids much thicker sounding and handles 65 watts vs. 25.

Browser care flash files phone platforms secure soft ...

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What 39s in your Lynchbox Cabinet See Last Post Page ...

The C indi es it is Celestion Greenback loaded. I like Greenbacks but I really hope it has the SuperVs. Zakk Wylde uses them in his 4 x 12s but of course he has roadiesthat 39s 80 pounds of speakers per cab

Anybody use WGS speakers

The green beret is sonically superior with all of my appropriately powered amp heads and a combo that received the muddy v30. Over the years i have been a big fan of the WGS offerings. I love my 2x12 loaded with a reaper and a reaper 55hz so have a couple of curious sound tech 39s .

Marshall Cabinet WGS 25 Watt Green Berets YouTube

Showing a quick comparison with my MC412 original Celestion Rocket 50s 1960BV with Vintage 30s and the my MC412 witth WGS 25 Watt Green Berets intalled.

Panama Loco quotXquot Page 3 The Tone Rooms

The same blackheart same settings with a greenback vs the g12 H is a whole different animal. ... Warehouse Guitar Speakers ... Green Beret ET65 and access to a 4x12 ... EMINENCE REDFANG 12Inch Lead/Rhythm Guitar ...

Overall I 39d say it 39s in the greenback ballpark tonewise as the tone is familiar to my green berets at least in a closed back cab just with much more sophisti ion and detail. Great speaker for anything I play.

Wgs Green Beret 25w 12quot Speaker 8 Ohm Authorized Dealer ...

Upgrade for celestion g12m greenback. 8 ohmunit weight 8 poundsquotafter installing the new green berets in my 4x12 marshall cabinet all i can say is.....Wow what a huge difference i couldn 39t be happier with the tone.quotmounting information diameter 12.2 overall depth 5.3 cutout diameter 11.1 mounting slot dimensions 0.31 number ...

Warehouse Green Beret or Celestion Greenback Gearslutz

Warehouse Green Beret or Celestion Greenback Gearslutz is partsupported by our visitors. When you buy products through links across our site we may earn an affiliate commission.

Maz 18 nr 2x10 speaker replacement ZTalk

I 39ve really enjoyed the green berets. I 39ve used them live 4 times and have been pretty pleased with the sounds I get but I think I 39m gonna switch one of em out to another speaker of the same wattage etc to get a little more complex sound. Until I decide on which I 39m very happy with the green berets.

RigTalk View topic fried a warehouse green beret

voice coil locked up on a Green Beret. had one in with some Chinese Greenbacks was running two 16ohm cabs with a Elmwood M90. Re fried a warehouse green beret Fri Aug 08 2008 531pm

About Greenback clones... Seymour Duncan

Warehouse Green Beret 2 10.53. Only the real thing baby. ... I never got to headtohead compare my 1225 to the Celestion reissue greenback I had in a vox cab but ...

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Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET65 My Les Paul Forum

My other cabinet is a THD 212 ported cab with the old original Celestion CL80s modified to Lonhorn specs. I think I might upgrade these to WGS speakers as well or get the newer THD Longhorn/Vintage speakers which are made by Eminence and great speakers as well My Marshall 412 will get the WGS Green Berets.

Warehouse Speakers Green Beret Seymour Duncan

I 39m in the process of replacing the speakers in my Crate Vintage Club 2X12. So I got a Warehouse Green Beret Greenback clone . Eventually I 39ll replace both speakers but I wanted to check one out first before doing both. I had considered their Veteran 30 Vintage 30 clone but the guy at WS suggested the Green Berets for this amp.

Vintage Marshall 1965B Lead 4x10 8 Ohm Cabinet Original for ...

As cool as it gets. The original 10 watt speakers pop like popcorn so Ive upgraded the cab with Warehouse 10 Green Berets. They are their 10 25 watt version of a greenback. Sound freakin great and can handle your 100 watt plexi all day. Overall the cab is in excellent shape for its age. I have the casters for it as well. quot See all Item ... HeadRush Pedalboard Guitar Amp and FX Modelling ...

HeadRush teamed up with Celestion to include an exclusive download right in the box get you started but the HeadRush Pedalboard also supports all other 48kHz 16bit mono .WAV type IRs up to 2048 samples. Technical Specifi ions. Footswitches 12 footswitches with color LEDs and OLED displays Pedals . expression pedal Knobs

Speakers and Cabinets Page 2 Metropoulos Forum

WGS Green Berets in a 4x12 How do they hold up ... Celestion Greenbacks. by hazel Sat Apr 07 2012 1157 pm 10 Replies 2878 Views Last post by Joshabr1

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WGS Green Beret 10 vs Celestion Vintage 10 YouTube

A Speaker shootout between the Celestion Vintage 10quot and the WGS Green Beret 10quot ... Warehouse Guitar Speakers Comparison Demo with Les ... WGS ET65 vs Celestion Greenback Fender Blues Junior ...

Warehouse Guitar Speakers for a Z Best ZTalk

Hey All I 39ve got an empty ZBest here that needs some new speakers and have been reading about WGS. Anyone have any experience with any of their 12 39s in a 2X12 cab ZBest or otherwise

Speaker Greenback flavor My Les Paul Forum

Got a great deal on some nice Americanmade Eminence speakers that sound like British ones go figure. People have described them as a combination Celestion Blue and Greenback. I 39m still waiting on one of them to arrive. I listened to a lot of samples and really liked Guitar Warehouse and Scumbacks.

Opinions on wgs vs. eminence speakers

So I would personally go with the Green berets greenback clone . I have yet to hear someone say they quothatequot the greenback sound. The V30 can sound great with a low mid amp the divinity if im not mistaken as said before in the right cabinet but I know alot of people on here that do not like them at all.

Thoughts on WGS Green Beret speakers The Gear Page

I 39ve got various Greenbacks Early 80 39s late 90 39s and early 2000 39s. I 39ve got one Green Beret I bought to see how it compared. I was mildly impressed with the Beret. If the Beret was all I had I might be impressed. It 39s decent and it hints at Greenback tonage but IMO don 39t think you 39re getting a Greenback.

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