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Spanish uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars Wikipedia

The Napoleonic wars was a series of wars lasting from 1803 to 1815. Spain was just one of the many countries which resisted the expansion of the French Empire under Napoleon I. It is notable for the bravery of its general population who fought as Guerrillas preventing the occupying French forces from obtaining supplies or safe passage.

Knights Templar Uniform Fine Quality Knights Templars ...

Knights Templar The Knights Templars were Monks Soldiers Guardians of the Faith Guardians of the Holy Land and Guardians of the Pilgrims. The Knights Templar order of religious and military character was founded in Jerusalem in the year 1118 by nine crusader knights. with the official denomination of quotOrder of the Poor Knight of Christquot.

Organization Strategy and Tactics The Napoleon Series

Uniform Plates of the Saxon Army 1805 1806 . Contemporary uniform plates of the Saxon Army on campaign. Neumann Friedrich Saxony Volunteers and Landwehr of the Wars of Liberation the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann. Contemporary uniform images from 18131814. Sauerweid Alexander The Uniforms of the Saxon Army in 1811 the Alexander ...

Uniforms of La Grande Arme Wikipedia

The corps of Carabiniers was a group of heavy cavalry originally created by Louis XIV.From 1791 to 1809 their uniforms consisted of a blue coat with a blue piped red collar red cuffs lapels and turnbacks with white grenades red epaulettes with edged white straps red cuff flaps for the 1st Regiment blue piped red for the 2nd pewter buttons a white waistcoat buff breeches high boots a ...

Reenactment and Reproduction Militaria 17841860 for sale eBay

PISTOL REPLICA TRIPLE BARREL MADE IN SPAIN. 55.00. 8.00 shipping. ... 140 US Army Streamer War of 1812 New Orleans 18141815 IR41 ... War Of 1812 Uniform In ...

Outfitted and Equipped in History American Rough Rider The ...

12. The Water Supply. Armyissued Canteen. This particular version was covered in a khaki canvas and had a large strap so it could simply be slung around the back and out of the way. It had a large U.S. printed on the front and was sealed with a cork stopper that had a chain attached to keep from being lost. 13. The Refreshment. Cuba Libre.

Military Funeral Honors Customs and Traditions

During a military funeral the horses that pull the caisson that bears the body of the veteran are all saddled but the horses on the left have riders while the horses on the right do not. This custom evolved from the days when horsedrawn caissons were the primary means of moving artillery ammunition and cannons while the riderless horses ...

How the Horse Soldiers helped liberate ... Military Times

On Oct. 19 2001 a team of 12 Green Berets with the 5th Special Forces Group 39s Operational Detachment Alpha 595 were inserted into Afghanistan to liberate the region from the Taliban without ...

Steam Workshop CP British Military Kit

RAF Royal Airforce uniform to fly around with and get 5 star accomodations complementary room service with You require the quotBritish Military Uniformsquot research in the Red Horse research tab to unlock the crafting bench. All gear shown is craftable in that bench provided you also research what they need I.E. Flak Armor for body armours .

war of 1812 uniform products for sale eBay

Get the best deals on war of 1812 uniform when ... Button Belt Buckle Napoleonic War 1812 brass lead original harness horse uniform. ... Drummer Boy Army Uniform ...

Clothing Uniforms Accoutrements

19th Century 1800s reproduction items uniforms clothing personal items toys tents and camp equipment writing implements home/office decor saddles and tack plus much more of the Mexican War American Civil War Victorian period Indian Wars and SpanAm War.

UNIFORMS agmohio

The uniforms equipment and weapons of the American soldier during this period are generally well documented but little is known of the campaign dress of the Spanish defenders. Popular misconceptions that these uniforms were nothing more than pajamas or pillow ticking sacks are commonplace among many collectors.

Military logistics Wikipedia

Supply chain management in military logistics often deals with a number of variables in predicting cost deterioration consumption and future demand. The US Military 39s egorical supply classifi ion was developed in such a way that egories of supply with similar consumption variables are grouped together for planning purposes.

American Standard Bred Red Dead Redemption Wiki Guide IGN

The American Standardbred is the best horse in the game. Even of the three upper echelon horses found in the game the Hungarian Halfbred Kentucky Saddler and American Standardbred this is ...

Spanish Army Uniform High Resolution Stock Photography and ...

A color lithograph of a Spanish soldier in military uniform this soldier wears full body armor covered in a cloth tunic he is riding a horse that is also covered with an armor blanket he is carrying a banner that is the Spanish land battle flag it contains an image of the crucifixion and the Cross of Burgundy 1525.

Civil War Reenactment and Reproductions for sale eBay

Other Civil War reenactment uniforms and equipment. Reenactors use real guns with a full charge of powder but no bullets and some men carry swords bowie knives rifles or revolvers. Besides overcoats and other special uniform pieces the team also needs tents cooking gear trumpets drums and other equipment to set up camp.

Medieval army organization and ranks

The army troops provided by contract were paid according to their ranks. The great Medieval wars were asking for special military organization such as a compulsory mass enlisting. In 1346 King Edward III of England commanded every manatarms in the country to join the army or to send a substitute.

Spanish Civil War Definition Causes Summary and Facts ...

Spanish Civil War 193639 military revolt by Nationalist rebels supported by conservative elements within the country against the Republican government of Spain. When an initial military coup failed to win control of the entire country a bloody civil war ensued fought with great ferocity on both sides.

161 Best horses in uniform images Horses Cavalry Uniform

May 7 2019 Explore neobelle1 39s board quothorses in uniformquot followed by 307 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Horses Cavalry Uniform.

Former Special Forces property book officer sentenced for ...

An Army warrant officer was sentenced Thursday to 25 months in prison and ordered to repay 250000 for stealing military equipment and for aggravated identity theft according to the U.S ...

Battle of Vitoria British Battles

Wellingtons army was supported by an extensive and efficient commissariat which made the advance across the barren mountainous region of the northwest of Spain possible although demanding. As Wellington advanced his armys base of supply was moved from Lisbon in Portugal to Santander in the northeast of Spain.

Spanish and Mexican California Soldados de Cuera

Image courtesy of the Army Art Collection US Army Center of Military History. The origin of presidial troops in New Spain goes back to the sixteenth century. A line of fortified outposts called presidios was constructed north of Mexico City by 1570 to contain raids by the Chichimeca Indians. Two centuries later the line of presidios or forts ...


First there is the material required by an army corps for the care of the sick and wounded in war secondlv. the material suitable for an army corps on the peace establishment and thirdly the material necessary for the practical and theo retical instruction of all that relates to the ambulance and medical supplies required by an army.

Polish Army During the Napoleonic Wars Infantry Cavalry ...

Horses Poland had large studs of military horses. Napoleon purchased thousands of Polish horses and thousands were simply taken by the French troops. Even in 1812. According to Vaudoncourt some of the Lithuanian uhlans survived the campaign in Russia in pretty good shape.

Body of frozen Soviet soldier propped up by Finnish fighters ...

The Finnish military equipment was generally good for winter conditions e.g. the infantry tent with the stove and the Finnish uniform tunic with the greatcoat. The Red Army did also have good winter equipment in fact some items valued even higher than their Finnish counterparts namely the greatcoat and especially the felt boots.

The French Army History Organization

Most military experts agree that the Grand Army of 1812 was the most carefully and completely organized force Napoleon had ever commanded. It had the most thoroughly prepared supply system The baggage was hauled by 18000 heavy draft horses . The army was also bigger than any other army Napoleon had before.


The beef was escorted by troops from the Presidio San Antonio de Bexar Presidio La Bahia and El Fuerte del Cibolo. Along with the troops several hundred horses were also sent to help haul the supplies or function as cavalry. When he entered the field in the fall of 1779 Galvez had fourteen hundred men.

30 Most Powerful Private Security Companies in the World ...

Prosegur is Spains biggest private security firm and in 1987 it made history as the first company of its kind to be listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. In 2011 the firm earned 233.748 million. With a task force of over 4700 armored vans Prosegur is well known for its cashintransit services which it outsources to banks around the world.

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