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You need to carry a drop leg holster and lots of gear and have it all accessible why not add ballistic protection to your load carrying gear Level IIIA soft armor insert adds only 0.8 lbs 0.4 kg. to the drop leg platform to stop up to 9mm submachinegun and Fragmentation threats.

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also it is illegal to purchase or posses bullet proof vests body armor and other ballistic products if you are convicted of a felony have a criminal record or are a fugitive from the law. any unlawful possession or purchase can lead to criminal prosecution.

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Any body armor system that has received heavy use for example moderatetoheavy denting or bends in the armor cracks or breaks on the face panels are heavily abused and worn regardless of its age SHALL BE DEEMED TO BE EXPIRED AND AUTOMATICALLY VOIDS ANY WARRANTY IN ALL RESPECTS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO VOIDING ANY BALLISTIC ...

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It is designed to accept soft ballistic panels Level III or IV hard armor plates and equipment pouches. Features include a single point release system a lowprofile cutaway handle a wire management system an external bottomloading front and back hard armor plate pockets and the ability to accept soft armor inserts.

MilTac The Ultimate Military Body Armor Ballistic

Features panels made with 100 Kevlar 15 larger than regular panels a durable Cordura carrier and full body protection. There are SAPI pockets in the front back and sides and the armor weighs 3kg. It is available in NIJ Level IIIIIa Stab and Spike Level 1 and 2.

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The leg guards feature removable ballistic panels. Designed and intended to be used by the Ballistic Shield man in an entry stack. The Leg Protectors Level IIIA are NIJ 0101.06 certified and special threat tested to the U.S. fragmentation testing protocol for 2 4 16 and 64 grain projectiles. External covers are 500 denier Ballistic Nylon .

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The ballistic component is 100 polyethylene composite the worlds lightest weight hard armor material. The ResponderBat is the personal favorite of inventor and ballistic shield expert Al Baker.

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Your body armor needs to offer safety and protection to take on a number of obstacles with confidence. At we make it easy to find an assortment of vital protective gear. Our plate carriers are designed to accept level III and level IV hard armor as well as IIA IIA and IIIA soft armor.

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BULLETPROOFIT Armor Tactical Vests Helmets Tactical Gear and Equipment are used by Armed Forces around the World. LEADING PROVIDER FOR BODY ARMOR BULLETPROOFIT Armor Ballistic Shields Helmets Tactical Vests and other various armor solutions are designed to be versatile efficient and most importantly safe

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Ballistic Body Armor Threat Levels. When you purchase armor it is important for agencies to consider the threat levels their officers and personnel face every day. NIJ National Institute of Justice has created body armor performance standards. It is broken down into different body armor levels based upon degree of threat.

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Chase Tactical AR1000 Rifle Armor Level III Stand Alone NIJ 0101.06 Certified DEA Compliant 10x12 SINGLE CURVE Shooter Cut 0.35quot 5.8 Lbs

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MARS Armor products incorporate the high ballistic protection together with advanced quality low weight and competitive prices and keep the image of unique body armor ensuring multithreat protection in commitment to ensuring total customer satisfaction from customer requirements to product design and every step along the way.

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Concealable Armor Body Armor. The chance of being struck by a projectile is a daily occurrence for law enforcement officers. With this constant threat of danger it is important that police have the most trusted ballistic protection available.

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