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bulletproof bw commodore diff

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When it comes to your vehicle 39s gearbox clutch or differential you can never be too careful. If driveline issues are caught early then a lot of damage and cost of your manual transmission repair or differential rebuild can be prevented.

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holden commodore m80 vt11 vx vy vz irs 3.07 3.46 3.73 or 3.91 eaton truetrac drive in drive out 2695 reco . holden ve v8 3.9 or 4.1 truetrac center diff with new gears 2.550all new . holden ve v8 3.45 or 3.7 truetrac center diff with new gears 2950 all new . holden ve 3.45 3.7 lsd commodore v8 irs diff 1950 all new

The Definitive AU Diff Topic Page 2 Australian Ford Forums

Any BW diff prior to EA had a different housing and center but same same diff gears as newer BWs. Housings between Eseries Falcon Aseries Falcon Commodore Vl VS and R31 Skyline are different in terms of tube length but housing is the same hence any center carrier open or LSD or spool is the same right across the above mentioned models.

M78 Diff

Borgwarner dont make an 8 3/4quot diff and theres no point fitting a centura diff as therur the same as the Cortina The BW used in early ford vals etc was an m75 or m78 with either a 7. 551 gears and an open diff. Sv and Sr. We have constructed a viral substitution mutant SMsubM78 which lacks most of the M78 ORF.

VK and VL diffs whats the difference Page 2

This is exactly what my diff guy told me just last week when I talked to him about doing a V6 conversion into a VK. I 39ve found a VL 6cyl diff so that takes care of that issue they seem to be getting harder to get my diff guy is saying that the 3.45 gears are getting sort after he seems to be fitting a lot into late model Falcons for some ...

HOLDEN COMMODORE VL Turbo Borg Warner Diff 3.451 Lsd 28 Spl ...


The ultimate guide for diff buyers part two The Motorhood

BorgWarner Commodore The BorgWarner BW78 is better known as a VNVS or VL turbo diff and was called BTR 78 by Holden. Three sizes are available the VL turbo at 1400mm R31 Skyline at 1410mm and the 1440mm VNonwards item which is the most common these days.

BW78 Borg Warner Ford 8.8 Falcon Commodore Skyline diff ...

Easiest way to slip the centre out of a Borg Warner and Ford 8.8 without a spreader. Just remove the shims first

1990 Holden Commodore Reviews

The diff is a good unit it is a 28 spline LSD BTR78/BW78. The car has a nice aggressive stance when lowered but this causes the diff to move to one side requiring an adjustable panhard rod to realign. There are definite problems that seem to affect nearly all the VN Commodores.

How to Bulletproof a 6.7 Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

Hey everybody. I 39m new to this site and forums altogether so here goes I have an 09 39 Ram 2500 with about 70k miles on it and I 39m looking for ideas on how to 39bulletproof 39 it. This isn 39t my first Cummins just the first 6.7. A few things I already have in mind H and S Mini Maxx w/pyrometer...

Diffs FAQ Just Commodores

What this means to you is that the mounting points for the diff from the first VB commodore sedan all the way to the VS sedan not including IRS of course are the same so it 39s possible to fit any BW78 diff into a early commodore. however keep in mind that the VNVS diff is wider 40mm then the VL which is wider 12mm then the VBVK diffs.

VL HOLDEN COMMODORE Turbo 6 and V8 Torque Lock LSD Truetrac ...

Fitment Notes Can be used in the original single spinner or LSD diff housing.Suitable for all M78 differential VL Turbo and V8 Holden Commodore Suitable only for Borg Warner M78 series 4 pinion 28 spline differential onlyDue to the wide range of housings and gears across the M78 differential range pinion head and housing/carrier may need to ...

wheel offsets VBVK Commodore PerformanceForums

Which diff is in it On the front you will easily fit a 8 inch rim with a 40 offset 45 will be super close to hitting the strut . Sticking with a 8 inch rim on the front a 35 is possible for the hella flush look but will be close to hitting the guard . 8.5 inch rim with a 38 offset is about the largest option as a bolt on . View topic diff q

The Gemini diff that you refer to is a Salisbury diff NOT a Borg Warner diff. The early Commodore diff centre assembly brakes and axles from the VBVK some of the last VK used 3.231 BW rear ends Commodore small Salisbury 4 and 6 cylinder diff interchange to the TDTG petrol engine Gemini Salisbury diff housing some mods required .

commodore diff widths Aussie V8

yes vl diff is narrower than ur vr diff.vk s2 bw is a 25 spline unit u will break in no time.vl turbo and v8 diffs had the stronger 28 spline same as your vr 3.45 ratio for turbo 3.08 for V8.normal vl were weak 25 spline.use a vl sedan housing any will do all the same and use your lsd and gearset.but u need vl turbo or v8 axles for correct splines and length and are hard to come by so find ...

2004 Holden Crewman Premature Differential Failure 1 Complaints

The 2004 Holden Crewman has 1 problems reported for premature differential failure. Average repair cost is 2000 at 46650 miles.

VL Holden Commodore Turbo 6 and V8 Torque Lock LSD Truetrac ...

Suitable for VL Holden Commodore Turbo 6 and V8 M78 Series Differential These differentials use a sophisti ed design to provide a quiet automatic splitting of torque. They perform like an open differential under normal driving conditions automatically transferring torque to the wheel with better traction when ground conditions warrant.

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Why dont you earn a Survivor/Bulletproof badge if youre the only one on both teams to make it through a mission without an aircraft loss And BTW whats the diff between Survivor and Bulletproof Is Bulletproof surviving without even being hit attachment155147survivor.jpg

AUSMODS Cable Tie Commodore Update Diff Swapped YouTube

in this update if u have been checking up on the facebook page u will have seen i have been rebuilding the 3.9 mini spooled diff over the last week. Well its now bolted in the car and seems to ...

borg warner diff Parts and Accessories Gumtree Australia ...

this is for a FALCON XRXY diff. 3.51 ratio. suits 6 cylinder models. this diff was actually removed from an XT model which means the handbrake cable assembly on it is correct for XR/XT/XW models and is different to XY models. i removed the inspection plate and all of the teeth look good. i am unsure of the condition of the rest of the diff and the brakes and it is sold as is.

Diff Specialist / Diff Repairs / Axles Australia

Differential services workshop at Dandenong Melbourne with top of the line equipment in house facilities and a dedi ed professionally experienced team who are specialists in diff repairs 9 inch conversions custom built diffs custom built axles axle splining straightening and shortening custom built tail shaft tail shaft recondition/repair same day diff repair and service change ...

Diff rebuild Melbourne CommodoresPlus

Home Forums Technical General Driveline Diff rebuild Melbourne This topic contains 16 replies has 10 voices and was last updated by SLE355 3 years 12 months ago. Viewing 17 posts 1 through 17 of 17 total Author Posts April 16 2016 atRead more


Ratio Guide Diff Lapping 4/ 39 DIFF LAPPING QLD quotGET YOUR REAR INTO GEARquot If you cannot find what you are looking for or you require more information please contact us Email service Phone 07 3359 4701 We will be happy to assist you with your specific query. This is the Diff Ratio Guide.

Differential Mace Engineering Group

mace m78 torque lock lsd diff to suit ford eb.ii ed ef el xg xh au ba bf nc nf nl dc df dl 620.00 SAAS 4X4 DIFFERENTIAL BREATHER KIT TO SUIT TOYOTA 79 80 100 200 90 120 150 1990ON

Differentials for Holden Commodore for sale Shop with ...

Get the best deals on Differentials for Holden Commodore. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. ... HOLDEN COMMODORE VL TURBOVBVCVHVK B/W DIFF 3.451 RATIO 28 ...

BW diff VL/drum or VR/disc in HJ. Driveline GMHTorana

BW diff VL/drum or VR/disc in HJ. posted in Driveline About to replace the Banjo in the HJ sedan. The VR diff has the 3.08 gears which I dont want and discs I dont want but its the correct width for the car. The VL has drum brakes and 3.45 gears which I prefer but its an inch narrower each side. I plan on replacing the 14 rims soon with 15 and thought about going an inch wider ...

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2002 Holden Commodore VX SS Comments r46425 Page 2

Number of comments 8 Review id r46425 Page 2 of 2. 6th Aug 2010 1817. I have a 2001 VX SS. The LS1 is an alloy motor therefore it has a lot more mechanical noise that I believe is harmonics through the block cast iron deadens the sound.

G8 SS VE/VF 9 IRS Kit GForce Engineering

This is where the GForce 9 becomes a necessary upgrade. The boltin 9 kit eliminates the flex noise and weak points of the OEM rear. Plus you have the confidence knowing you are putting your power through a raceproven bulletproof rearend design but with all the benefits and advantages an IRS can provide.

The Hitch Showdown Andersen Ultimate vs. B and W Companion ...

B and W was the first hitch that I had and Im the selfproclaimed fanboy cult club founder. The Companion is a stunning hitch and it always treated me quite well. Unfortunately with the post and its 20000 lb. rating it was rated lower than my campers gross vehicle weight rating GVWR and what we roll down the road at 21k lbs. .

Changing diff to commy mySandman Forums

The Commodore borgwarners run a flat drive flange on the front and require the matching yoke to be fitted to the end of your tailshaft so the shaft will need shortening . If you do the internals conversion that Diff Technics offer nothing externally needs to change so your tailshaft remains the same.

eb diff gears into xf

Also the 6cyl Skylines the box ones from 85/86 to 88 RWD had BW diffs with some good ratios like 3.45 3.72 3.89. The centres from the VL Commo diffs fit too BW diffs 3.45 6cyl and 3.08 V8 . The XW utes had an optional ratio of 4.00 a BW diff. Also the centres from an old Leyland P76 had 3.90 in the 6cyl ones a BW diff .

VK and VL diffs whats the difference Page 2

nah the the vk b/w is slightly shorter 11mm each side making it a pita for for parts replacementsmash it and you might as well put in the standard 25 spline vl diff or for bit more mucking around convert a 25 spline vl diff to 28 spline.

0407 CTSV 9 IRS Kit GForce Engineering

This is where the GForce 9 becomes a necessary upgrade. The boltin 9 kit eliminates the flex noise and weak points of the OEM rear. Plus you have the confidence knowing you are putting your power through a raceproven bulletproof rearend design but with all the benefits and advantages an IRS can provide.

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Peter Koning from Hoppers Stoppers suggests accompanying a diff upgrade with a front disc upgrade that also uses the Commodore stud pattern. KEEPING THIN. The VL was the first Commodore fitted with a BW its also the narrowest of the Dores. The other narrow latemodel BW is found in Australianmanufactured Nissan Pintaras and Skylines.

Best diff setup for turbo 1st gen RX7 PerformanceForums

A friend has a BW diff from memory ex VP V8 Commodore. Don 39t quote me but from memory it was quite cheap although beyond the basic conversion I dont 39 know what 39s been done with regard to axles etc. I know he 39s running 4.11 39s and the LSD....

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