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what does the military do with old equipment

What happens to all that military gear The Washington Post

In Iraq as of March 2011 White equipment represented about 2.5 billion or 36.5 percent of all Army equipment remaining incountry. A longstanding program allows U.S. state and local ...

The Facts About Military Readiness The Heritage Foundation

U.S. General Accounting Office Military Readiness Readiness Reports Do Not Provide a Clear Assessment of Army Equipment GAO/NSIAD99119 June 1999 p. 12. 12.

What to Do with Your Old Exercise Equipment Family Handyman

1. Sell Used Gym Equipment. If the equipment still works and is just gathering dust in the basement or garage sell it New exercise equipment is expensive so many people look for used models to get started. There are some fitness companies that will buy old gym equipment and may even pick it up.

What does the military force Army Navy or Air Force do ...

They are dismantled and used for salvage. If it is an aircraft they remove the engines because they are valuable and can be used again if necessary. Most of the aircraft which are not dismantled are parked in aircraft graveyards US air force ...

What happens to outdated military equipment Yahoo Answers

Once the active military gets rid of it the Reserves and National Guard gets the leftovers. When I was in the National Guard in the 1990 39s we were still using Vietnam era radios and rifles. When I was down in Honduras I noticed they had a lot of our old crap from 40 years ago.

What does the United States military do with old or ...

Ships can be mothballed or turned into museums or scrapped. Aircraft are rather special. While older versions of a plane may be retired the newer ones can still fly but share many of the same components as the older examples these older planes a...

What Does the Military Do

The military has many missions. Their primary mission of course is to defend the U.S. and U.S. interests. Looking more closely though you can see that the military does a lot more than simply fight.

US Military Spending Where Does the Money Go

In fact it takes the combined military budgets of the top 7 nations underneath the United States to equal what the U.S. military costs annually. Just the secondranked nation in military spending China still spends half what the United States does. In 2015 the global military budget was around 1.6 trillion dollars.

The US military equipment dumped at the ... Daily Mail Online

Military personnel from the Buttons base tried to sell the millions of dollars worth of equipment following the war between 1945 and 1947. But when a buyer could not be found among locals the ...

List of equipment of the Turkish Land Forces Wikipedia

The equipment was developed and produced for the Turkish Armed Forces TSK by the Turkish company FNSS Defence Systems. After six years of development work four units were delivered on September 14 2011 in Ankara .

Army Today 39s Military

Military Occupational Specialty. Tracked Vehicle Repairer. The American Army has the most hightech uptodate equipment in the world and the men and women who keep this equipment at top performance are the Soldiers in the Tracked Vehicle Repairer MOS.

Equipment Disposition Defense Logistics Agency

Official website of the Defense Logistics Agency. Nov. 2 2019 People are creatures of habit so it is not unusual for people who remember when some Defense Logistics Agency sites were known as the Defense Reutilization Marketing Office as the place to go when a unit had something that didnt work anymore or was no longer needed.

Surplus military materiel

Learn how charitable or nonprofit organizations can request a donation of surplus military equipment for display purposes. Other reuse and disposal methods Check out other methods for disposal of equipment including reusing trading and destroying.


Regulations procedures and prices for obtaining blank ammunition surplus rifles and other Military equipment available for donation is subject to change without notice. The Department of the Army has made major changes. Be advised all requests for surplus military equipment must first go through the Washington DC National

US Military Enlistment Height and Weights Standards

The military only accepts candidates who fall into a specific height range. This is primarily because the military doesn 39t have the time or money to order custommade uniforms and equipment for those who fall outside of the standard ranges. Also shipboard tanks and airplane jobs can be particularly difficult if someone exceeds the height ...

What Next for U.S.India Military Ties Council on Foreign ...

A new triservices exercise increasing the complexity of military cooperation. More military personnel exchanges and in particular a new exchange between the U.S. Navys Central Command ...

ACFT The New Army Combat Fitness Test ... Military OneSource

The deadlifts repli e picking up ammunition boxes a wounded soldier supplies or heavy equipment. Standing power throw You will need to toss a 10pound ball backward as far as possible to test the muscular explosive power that may be needed to lift yourself or a fellow soldier over an obstacle or to move rapidly across uneven terrain.

How and why local police departments get military surplus ...

Much of the gear is nonmilitary items such as office equipment blankets and sleeping bags computers digital cameras and video recorders binoculars flashlights extreme weather clothing ...

Artificial Intelligence and the Military RAND

The Department of Defense DoD is increasingly interested in Artificial Intelligence AI . During a recent trip to Amazon Google and other Silicon Valley companies Secretary of Defense James Mattis remarked that AI has got to be better integrated by the DoD.

Future Military Technology HowStuffWorks

How Virtual Reality Military Appli ions Work. The military uses virtual reality for most everything from learning to fly a jet fighter to putting out a fire onboard a ship. Learn about how virtual reality military appli ions help with training and safety enhancement and serve as a tool to analyze military maneuvers and battlefield ...

Does military equipment lead police officers to be more ...

Between 2006 and 2014 LEAs received an array of military equipment worth over 1.5 billion more than 6000 mineresistant ambushprotected vehicles MRAPs 79288 assault rifles 205 grenade ...

Army Job Heavy Construction Equipment Operator MOS 21E

Heavy construction equipment operators are integral to that process. Military occupational specialty 21E heavy construction equipment operator uses bulldozers cranes graders and other heavy equipment to complete these kinds of projects.

How to Donate Used Ski Equipment

Donate your old skis to Green Mountain Ski Furniture which turns skis into chairs benches and tables. Or you can even have some fun and make a sled out of your old skis There are other quotDoItYourselfquot projects that make use of your used equipment.

Military Careers Occupational Outlook Handbook U.S ...

Military pay tables and information are available from the U.S. Department of Defense Defense Finance and Accounting Service. In addition to receiving basic pay members of the military are either housed free of charge on base or they receive a housing allowance. Members who serve for a certain number of years may receive other benefits.

4 Ways Russia 39s Military Is More Advanced Than You Think

Russia 39s defense complex may be just a shadow of the old Soviet Union with defense spending only about 12 percent of the USA 39s. As such many in the West tend to see Russian hardware as second ...

Military Vehicles Title

Vehicles sold as scrap do not get an SF97 so you are on your own in that case. See the section on Military Vehicle Government Surplus Auctions for more details. For a private transaction you need a Bill of Sale and Title from the prior owner following the procedures specified by your state laws in US .

What You Should Do with Old Cell Phones Reader 39s Digest

Whatever you do dont throw those old phones in the trash. The Environmental Protection Agency EPA estimates 35000 pounds of copper 772 pounds of silver 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of ...

The 164 Best Military Discounts in 2020 dealnews

To redeem certain discounts you 39ll just need to show your military ID. However be sure to check before you shop as some places that offer a military discount require that you prove your military affiliation through a thirdparty program. Most often you 39ll see stores using or SheerID in these cases.

Women In The Military Say Their Pain Was Consistently ...

The military invests in every single person that enters man or woman they lose just as much losing a woman as they do a man from an investment perspective said Sarah Meadows a senior sociologist at the RAND Corporation the nonprofit think tank that was commissioned by the Pentagon for the upcoming study on health issues in ...

Fact Check Has President Obama 39Depleted 39 The Military NPR

Since 1949 adjusted for inflation aside from the post9/11 build up only in 1986 and 1987 during the Reagan administration did the U.S. spend more on its military than it does now.

Army MOS List For 2020 All 159 Army Enlisted Jobs

What They Do These engineers use construction equipment heavy vehicles and other equipment to do construction projects for the Army. They perform a wide variety of responsibilities relating to construction as well as assist with responsibilities involving combat engineer missions.

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