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bulletproof oil cooler vs stock

Engine Oil Cooler Videos Bullet Proof Diesel

The Leaders in Diesel Reliability Bullet Proof Diesel is the place to go for the best products for your diesel engine. EGR Coolers Water Pumps FICM Oil Coolers Installation Kits we only make and sell the best.

6.0L Oil CoolerFactory or BulletProof The Diesel Stop

i just went with the bulletproof diesel oil cooler and egr cooler. spendy yes but i think i have solved this problem once and for all. given that this is the 3rd time in the 45K miles i have owned the truck bought it in 3909 with 50K on the odo i have quotzeroquot faith in the stock ford oil cooler. as many know it is not a question of quotifquot the stock oil cooler will fail just quotwhen.quot

Bulletproof Oil Cooler or Stock Replacement Ford ...

Engine Mods BulletProof EGR Coolers BulletProof Water Pump Riff Raff Intercooler Boots BulletProof Oil Cooler System HampS MiniMaxx w/ TSC Custom Tunes Exterior Mods Icon Shocks Icon Adjustable Trac Bar Reese 24k Manual Slider 5th Wheel Hitch Icon 2.5quot Leveling Kit 20quot wheels wrapped in 33quot Nitto Terra Grapplers

BulletProofDiesel YouTube

The official YouTube channel of Bullet Proof Diesel If you depend on it Bullet Proof it ... Stock vs BulletProofDiesel oil cooler Duration 7 minutes 36 seconds ...

bpd or ipr oil cooler PowerStrokeArmy

Considering an external oil cooler. I39ve been leaning towards the bpd cooler but the cost is holding me back. My new oil cooler has only been in about 3000 miles. the motor was flushed and flushed before all the work was done. the mechanic that did the head studs gaskets heads cooler and for the previous owner told him the cooling system was really dirty and he did the best he could ...

Upgrading A 6.0Liter Powerstroke With A New EGR Cooler

The Bullet Proof Diesel EGR cooler left uses tubes that are spun in a helical pattern as compared to the stock EGR cooler with a finned pattern right. The braided helical pattern is a patented design by Bullet Proof Diesel and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Editors Pick Part 1 Bullet Proofing our 6.4L Diesel Tech ...

The Bullet Proof Oil Cooler System Half Kit retains the stock OE engine oil cooler but adds an additional air to liquid heat exchanger for added cooling capacity. This can be used to compensate for a stock OE oil cooler that has become restricted just as a heavyduty upgrade for towing or heavilymodified trucks.

BulletProof Diesel oil cooler The Diesel Stop

Stock motor. Bulletproof Diesel EGR Cooler Bulletproof Oil Cooler Coolant filter amsoil by pass oil filter system fomoto valve Drain plug upgrade EDGE Insight CS gauges Synister diesel fuel pressure adapter hose Glow shift fuel pressure gauge

6.0L Steps to bulletproof. FordDiesels

Monitor your oil vs. coolant temp. They should be reasonably close together within 15 degrees. If its much more than that you need to do an oil cooler and while you39re at it either put a new egr cooler or a delete on the truck. If the cooler is okay I would still put either a bulletproof diesel EGR cooler on it or a delete kit.

Bulletproof Diesel Oil Cooler INSTALL PowerStrokeArmy

9. It fixes the problem instead of simply making it easier to replace another OEM oil cooler Introduction / Background Bulletproof Diesel. The name pretty much says it all. Lately the term has become synonymous with any Ford 6.0L Power Stroke that has an oil cooler thats been replaced an EGR and head studs. My 2005 F250 was on its ...

Stock oil cooler vs. remote oil cooler Ford Power Stroke Nation

i would say that if you just got a new oil cooler then dont worry about it. me personally i still kinda am a stock oil cooler fan. now key word is kinda because the BDP kit was so stinkin expensive. now since they just released there new one im kinda leaning towards it. also being that my brother is on his 3rd oil cooler in 20k miles. granted i own a shop so its not a big deal to change out im ...

Sinister Diesel vs. Bulletproof Diesel Ford 6.0 EGR Cooler ...

Stock vs BulletProofDiesel oil cooler Duration 736. ... F250 Powerstroke 6.0 Bulletproof EGR and Oil Cooler Install Part 1 Duration 1742. ALLMUSCLE 14583 views.


1 The Purpose for the Bullet Proof 6.0 Kit Neal Technologies Inc . CURING THE FORD 6.0L POWER STROKE DIESEL BULLET PROOF OIL COOLER KIT . BY NEAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. Updated 06042020 . Patents US RE 45.853 E . US 8720408 B1

oil cooler Grumpy39s Diesel Service

6.0L Pattern Failures Oil Cooler. Let us highlight the common pattern failures found in 6.0L engines. Engine Oil Cooler EGR Cooler Fuel Injection Control Module Water Pump Cylinder Head Bolts In this blog let us first discuss the Engine Oil Cooler and what could happen if things go wrong in it.

Question about 6.0 bulletproof temps FordDiesels

The guy i bought the truck from has all of his 6.039s studded and machined heads EGR delete and oil cooler replaced before sale. What I have noticed is that my EOT/ECT temps are running about a 20 degree spread and towing a couple of jetskis that delta rises to 25 degrees with the oil being the hotter of the two.

Bullet proof oil cooler worth it The Diesel Stop

The stock oil cooler along side the stock cooling system on these trucks is pretty bad ass. Plenty of us do silly things with our 6.039s and the stock cooler in the stock location keeps the oil temps right where they should be with the right coolant in the system. Grumpy39s Diesel Service

Charateristics of the Bullet Proof Diesel Oil System. Lets go over the characteristics of the Bullet Proof Diesel engine oil system quickly. First it works with any EGR cooler or any EGR delete on the market including the BulletProof Diesel EGR coolers and EGR delete. Theyll also work with a stock EGR coolers as well.

Sinister Vs. Bulletproof Ford Power Stroke Nation

I was looking on line and found a some what recognized company on eBay selling egr deletes and oil coolers for 165 I looked at reviews for the company and it looks mostly good only two negative but the company is called demesticgaskets.

OEM or Aftermarket Oil Cooler NASIOC

I was researching an oil cooler setup. The OEM oil cooler is aprox 170. A aftermarket oil cooler setup should run 250300. What are the pros and cons to running a aftermarket oil cooler without the OEM oil cooler The car is a stock V5 EJ207 daily driver and at most will see an hpde / year or a few autoX39s.

Budget Diesel Mods LLY Duramax DrivingLine

The Cross Diesel Performance CDP External Oil Cooler system pictured is available from the Dmax Store utilizes all 12 AN fittings comes with heavyduty inch hydraulic hoses and is known to drop operating temperatures by more than 20 degrees. 4Inch Exhaust System Mentioned Above 260

What is better AirtoOil or CoolanttoOil Cooler The ...

Bulletproof Oil Cooler Oil Filter amp Amsoil Bypass Oil Filter 276 000km/172 500 miles as of April. 1 2015. Save Share. Reply. 1 8 of 8 Posts. Join the discussion.

Which Bulletproof Oil Cooler Ford Power Stroke Nation

Bullet Proof Engine Oil Cooler Factory Oil Filter Are there any disadvantages to the air to oil cooler It seems like the best option and the price is about the same. Obviously getting away from the factory style cooler even relocated seems best Just want to make sure there aren39t any drawbacks to the airtooil cooler setup.

Stock vs BulletProof Diesel Oil Cooler Grumpy39s Diesel Service

The large capacity spinon oil filter doesnt have any of the problems with a bypass valve and the antidrain back valve which we previously pointed out on the stock engine oil cooler. After the spinon oil filter filters your engine oil it then feeds your engine oil to an oil cooler system. This oil cooler is aircooled not liquidcooled. Promo Codes amp Coupons 10 OFF ...

Bullet Proof Oil Cooler System 2003 2010 ESeries For 2345 You can rest assured what BulletProofDiesel place is the most affordable. You can achieve optimality in BulletProofDiesel through this real discount39Bullet Proof Oil Cooler System 2003 2010 ESeries for 234539 in BulletProofDiesel so come in quickly.

Bullet Proof Diesel

In our experience the stock OE engine oil cooler is the root of many of the problems on the 6.0L diesel engine so we39ve developed a more permanent solution. This system will eliminate the stock OE engine oil cooler and oil filter system completely. The BulletProof Oil Cooler Kit with BulletProof Filtration.

6.0 power stroke bullet proof oil cooler and ficm moduel ...

Bulletproof oil cooler pushing it with 1800 miles Onnit the experience I had with engine code p012f ... 453. Stock vs BulletProofDiesel oil cooler Duration 736. BulletProofDiesel 125309 ...

Bullet Proof Diesel Oil Cooler Kit....Stock Oil Filter or ...

BPD oil cooler relocation and upgraded EGR cooler spooled BPD oil bypass filtration aFe Magnum Force CAI Mishi radiator 7.3L fan clutch EC1 ELC XDP coolant bypass filtration 3908 trans pan/filter PTP direct clutch solenoid blue spring 6.4 starter MBRP ypipe BD boots/clamps 3905 intake elbow ccv reroute Torque Pro OBDLink LX ...

Which Bulletproof Diesel oil cooler is for me Ford Power ...

With regard to what to look for Bullet Proof Diesel airoil cooler would have two 1quot diameter oil lines going from near the radiator on the passenger side back up into the adapter block in the engine valley under the intake manifold you can39t miss them. One of the oil lines is routed right along the turbo intake pipe right behind the ...

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