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bulletproof godsmack lyrics meaning

Band Godsmack

Truth is the members of GO K have never been afraid to put in the work Like the city they call home these musicians speak louder fight harder and grow stronger each day. Through an uncompromising attitude and uncanny knack for a hummable hook they quietly became one of modern rocks most reliable and resonant institutions.


Godsmack Unforgettable Lyrics. Whoa It 39s unforgettable Whoa Another change is coming A separation from defiant To selfreliant baby I feel the weather breaking It 39s

Godsmack Under Your Scars lyrics

Video clip and lyrics Under Your Scars by Godsmack. Under your scars I pray You 39re like a shooting star in the rain You 39re everything that feels like home to ..

Voodoo Godsmack Shazam

Lyrics to 39Voodoo 39 by Godsmack. I 39m not the one who 39s so far away / When I feel the snakebite enter my veins / Never did I wanna be here again / And I don 39t remember why I came /

Godsmack Achieves Career First With Three No. 1 Singles From ...

GO K has achieved a career first by scoring three No. 1 singles from the same album. This week quotUnder Your Scarsquot the third single from the band 39s quotWhen Legends Risequot LP has ascended to No. ...

Godsmack When Legends Rise Album Review Cryptic Rock

Take the albums lead single Bulletproof for example one that may have initially come as a surprise to longtime fans. Here Godsmack offer their signature guitar crunch but with an out of character melodic layering amidst it all.

Songtext von Godsmack Make Me Believe Lyrics

So make me believe Just take me away from this hell I 39ve created And I 39m afraid I 39m breakin my own vows Knowin 39 I 39ll go down Make me believe Just take me away from temptation that 39s calling me

godsmack under your scars Yahoo Search Results

Godsmack achieved a career first when quotUnder Your Scarsquot ascended to 1 on Billboard 39s Mainstream Rock chart marking the group 39s third charttopping Mainstream Rock hit from When Legends Rise following the title track and quotBulletproof.quot This was the first time the band scored three 1 singles from the same album.

Bad Religion Godsmack song Wikipedia

Meaning. According to Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna a practicing Wiccan the song has an antiabortion message. Erna says quotYou dont even know me yet youre deciding to kill me Look Im here. Im alive inside you. I cant be ignored.quot Appearances

Song meaning

quotWhateverquot was the longestrunning song on the US Active Rock Top 10 chart remaining there for 33 weeks. Godsmack received much exposure when a disc jockey at WAAF a radio station in Massachusetts started playing this song on his show. Song meaning. Lead singer Sully Erna and guitarist Tony Rombola wrote the song. Rombola said


The Best of Godsmack Playlist. 01. When Legends Rise 02. Bulletproof 03. Something Different 04. Inside Yourself 05. 1000hp 06. Come Together Live 07. Voodoo 08. I Stand Alone 09. Serenity 10. Whatever. and more

VOODOO CHORDS ver 2 by Godsmack UltimateGuitar.Com

E G I 39m not the one who 39s so far away C A When I feel the snake bite enter my veins E G Never did I wanna be here again C A And I don 39t remember why I came VERSE E G C Candles raise my desire A E Why I 39m so far away G C No more meaning to my life A No more reason to stay E G C Freezing feeling A E G Breathe in breathe in C A I 39m coming back ...

Sully Erna 39s trackbytrack guide to Godsmack 39s When Legends ...

1. When Legends Rise 2. Bulletproof 3. Unforgettable 4. Every Part of Me 5. Take It to the Edge 6. Under Your Scars 7. Someday 8. Just One Time 9. Say My Name

Shannon Larkin Lovin the New Godsmack Hard Rock Sound 519 ...

Godsmack is running high with its latest album When Legends Rise hitting the Top 10 on the Billboard charts in Canada. Its a departure for the band sounding more like a hard rock album than a metal release in much the same way the selftitled Metallica black album was for that band.

Godsmack Bulletproof Lyrics MetroLyrics

Lyrics to 39Bulletproof 39 by Godsmack. Contemplating Isolating and it 39s stressing me out Different visions contradictions why won 39t you let me out I need a way to separate it

La Roux Bulletproof Lyrics SongMeanings

The meaning to me is about having deep feelings for someone who just cannot commit and just continues to mess with your head. Now she is taking a stand She 39s bulletproof to the games and the B.S. and over it The song is a declaration a way to take control of a situation that you feel you have no control over.

Godsmack Unforgettable Lyrics Meaning

Godsmack Fans Also Like Shinedown song meanings Five Finger Death Punch song meanings Breaking Benjamin song meanings Slipknot song meanings Metallica song meanings Submit Your Interpretation

What makes Godsmack so Bulletproof Articles ...

But when I joined Godsmack Sullys like Dude I write all the lyrics because I feel that to be able to emote them they must be real and come from inside me. So Im like Thats ...

Godsmack Tlcharger et couter les albums.

Godsmack followed Oracle with their first live album Live and Inspired in 2012. The collection featured live versions of their songs as well as additional cover songs. In the summer of 2014 Godsmack issued their hardcharging sixth album 1000HP which peaked at number three on the U.S. charts.

Whatever by Godsmack Songfacts

Godsmack 39s record company didn 39t think this album needed an explicit content warning sticker so it shipped without one. Since it didn 39t have the sticker WalMart and KMart both carried it but they pulled the album after some customers complained that it was offensive.


Godsmack Top Godsmack Lyrics Trippin 39 VooDoo Under Your Scars Bulletproof I Blame You I Fucking Hate You Nothing Else Matters Life Is Good Sweet Leaf Lovehate pain Related Godsmack Links Official page Godsmack wiki Hollow video Godsmack twitter Godsmack facebook

godsmack voodoo Yahoo Search Results

Godsmack is the debut album by the band Godsmack. The album was initially paid for by the band and released as All Wound Up before the band was signed to Universal Records and Republic Records . It was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City.


Godsmack Bulletproof Lyrics. Contemplating Isolating and it 39s stressing me out Different visions contradictions Why won 39t you let me out I need a way to separate it

Songtext von Godsmack Voodoo Lyrics

No more meaning to my life No more reason to stay Freezing feeling Breathe in breathe in I 39m coming back again I 39m not the one who 39s so far away When I feel the snakebite enter my veins Never did I wanna be here again And I don 39t remember why I came Hazing clouds rain on my head Empty thoughts fill my ears Find my shade by the moonlight

Godsmack Someday Lyrics Genius Lyrics

Someday Lyrics Living with these shadows separating what I 39ve done / And chasing the illusions of who I once was Once was / Too much time too many places / Different lives and different faces

Godsmack Dedi e 39Under Your Scars 39 To Fans In Emotional ...

Godsmack has shared the video for quotUnder Your Scarsquot and it 39s an emotional one. The clip alternates between live footage of the band performing the ballad and heartfelt interactions they had with fans throughout the years.

Godsmack Bulletproof Music Video YouTube

This is a Music Video that was edited by me. I don 39t own the song I don 39t own the performance Song Bulletproof by Godsmack Performance Marvel 39s Luke Cage...

Godsmack When Legends Rise Motorbreath Reviews

Bulletproof The second track is one of the most commercialized radiorock type songs Godsmack has ever recorded and this definitely worried me when I first heard it. It starts with some atmospheric guitar that gradually fades in for a few seconds until the full riff kicks in.

Godsmack Bulletproof Lyric Video YouTube

I own no rights to this song all rights go to Godsmack Original video Preorder the new album When Legends Ris...

Cryin 39 Like a Bitch Wikipedia

Song 39s meaning HardDrive Radio described the lyrics to quotCryin 39 Like a Bitchquot as quota slam on an old bandmate that kicked Sully out of his bandquot. In a video posted on on 26 February Sully Erna admitted that quotCryin 39 Like a Bitchquot was inspired by events of last summer 39s Cre Fest 2 tour on which Godsmack appeared alongside headliners ...

Bulletproof lyrics by Godsmack original song full text ...

Original lyrics of Bulletproof song by Godsmack. Explain your version of song meaning find more of Godsmack lyrics. Watch official video print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite lyrics.

VOODOO CHORDS by Godsmack UltimateGuitar.Com

Its as close as i could get without having the bass in the song capo 3 chorus I 39m not the one who 39s so far away When I feel the snake bite enter my veins Never did I wanna be here again And I don 39t remember why I came verse D F C Candles raise my desire Why I 39m so far away No more meaning to my life No more reason to stay A G E D Freezing ...

Godsmack Wikipedia

The album 39s first single quotBulletproofquot was released ahead of the album on February 28 2018. Godsmack toured across North America from May through October 2018. They played at several festivals before embarking on a coheadlining summer tour with Shinedown.

Godsmack Bulletproof Lyrics Meaning

To me this song is everything to do with living with an addict. Feeling alone and isolated hoping time and time again that when they say they 39re going to get help its true and being utterly shattered when they relapse not to mention the monster known as withdrawl and suffering through it time and time again hoping it will be the last time until you have been hurt and broken so many times it ...

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