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building a bulletproof 4eat subaru transmission

Reliability of Subaru automatic and CVT transmissions ...

Hello Collective Subaru Knowledge I 39ve got a 2005 OB XT MT and the miles are racking up .. 135k now .. and thus saving up for the next vehicle. I 39ve always liked driving manual transmissions but it appears that it is becomming more and more difficult to find a ful size AWD wagon or even sedan with a strong motor and a manual transmission.

Subaru FA20DIT Engine FA20D Turbo and main problems

Subaru FA20 engine reliability problems and repair. At the beginning of 2012 the joint Subaru and Toyota model was put into production. You know it as Subaru BRZ Toyota 86 or Scion FRS. New sports naturally aspirated flat4 FA20 engine was developed specially for this car.


Normally planning out a bulletproof system would require a great deal of fabri ion.Fortunately everything that was needed was available off the shelf from Radium Walbro and AUS Injection. Radium supplied the dual pump hanger kit dual pump wiring kit fuel line kit and fuel rail for the Walbro 340lph pumps and 1150cc/min injectors from AUS.

Subaru Gearbox Australia Gearbox And Transmission ...

Subaru Gearbox Australia is the leading Australian supplier of Subaru gearboxes and automatic transmissions with 20 plus years experience repairing rebuilding and remanufacturing Subaru transmissions of all types. We keep more than 70 assemblies in stock including revised and strengthened Subaru WRX gearboxes.

Has anyone ever seen A small 2 speed transmission The Home ...

I am building a 2 wheel drive motor cycle something like a Rokon but with a different drive train I will be powering it with a small snowmobile engine and using the CVT that comes with I want a transmission to make 2 speed ranges something like a 3 or 4 to one ratio so max 58 mph in low max 30 or so in high MPH . 4EAT Transmission Solenoids Kit For Subaru ...

Terisass Transmission Solenoid 31939AA130 6Pcs Car Automatic Transmission Control Body Solenoid Valve Kit Fit for Subaru Baja Forester Impreza Legacy Outback 19992006 104.99 7pcs Transmission shift solenoid 31705AA440 31705AA441 4EAT for Subaru Forester 20012014 Outback 20012010

cheapest upgraded 4eat gears Subaru Impreza GC8 and RS Forum ...

The thing is keeping it cool. There are some high power SVXs running the stock 4eat and thats all they have done. Like I said give the shops that build these trannys a call. They can help you the most because thats what they do for a living.

4EAT Horsepower/Torque Limits and how to improve them. NASIOC

When I hear bulletproof transmissions I recall reading that from levelten. It would be nice to have a kit like this from levelten for our trannys Stronger clutch plates I think that would be the next step in building a stronger tranny.

List of Subaru transmissions Wikipedia

Usage 19881991 Subaru XT 19902004 Subaru Legacy 19921997 Subaru Alcyone SVX and all Subarus 19952009 The Ford Motor Company also uses a transmission on some Ford Kia Motors Mercury and Mazda products called the F4EAT which shares some similarities with the Subaru since they are both manufactured by Jatco .

PPG Gearboxes Subaru Performance and Sport Transmissions

High quality PPG Subaru transmission solutions. Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes was founded in 2000 and is the fastest growing most successful automotive gear engineering company in Australia with an international reputation for strong competition gearboxes for all marques an impressive string of race wins to their credit and annual revenue of close to 3 million from 11 employees selling ...

Subaru Tuning that affects 4EAT Operations and Performance ...

Subaru Tuning that affects 4EAT Operations and Performance Post by west minist Wed Feb 10 2016 128 pm Many H4 customers have been complaining over the years on the Lag/delay and the performance of the 4EAT to the point of selling their cars or just no attempt to drive in a way that would cause an accident like overtaking quickly etc.

Subaru 4EAT Transmissions

he 4EAT Transmission is a 4 speed microprocessorcontrolled transmission that was first introduced in 1987.5 Subaru models. It is not a 3 speed transmission with overdrive. It features a lockup torque converter which locks up in all forward gears except 1st. It has been offered in FWD or Full Time AWD configurations.

Level 10 Subaru Pts Bulletproof Transmission 4EAT5EATR4AXEL

The Bulletproof Subaru package is rated to 500HP and can be built up to 1000HP.The factory transmission has a 87 failure rate after installing a supercharger or turbo. You have two options go to dealer and pay more for the same .Or get the transmission designed for supercharger or turbo for less.

Building a bullet proof motor 2003 Subaru WRX Forum

300WHP isnt going to destroy his trans hell 1000hp wont destroy your trans. The way you drive destroys a transmission. On the opic of building your 5 speed to handle more power You can start with a set of blast plates. Moore makes them and they have tested platforms with up to 750whp without blowing up a transmission.

Building the Bulletproof Transmission Secrets of the Pros ...

Building the Bulletproof Transmission Secrets of the Pros. Posted on June 5 2009 July 4 2018 by Mike Kojima Building Bulletproof Transmissions Secrets of the Pros. Although the 19911999 Nissan Sentra equipped with the venerable SR20DE engine was a highly successful car with a huge following and good aftermarket support it never enjoyed the dominance of the import scene that its arch ...

Bulletproof Subaru Transmission

Closed Sunday and Holidays. Superlift 91355 8. 0i Seven Trust 37514. Modern Subaru 39s are not the solid long lived cars they used to be don 39t buy a used Subaru. The 4EAT is a bulletproof transmission. 5 million vehicles after concerns were raised about transmission problems that may cause the vehicle to stall on model year 20122017 vehicles.

r/subaru Has anyone done a 4EAT Auto Transmission ...

r/subaru Where OC is the standard and boxer engines rule the world. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

Dont Look For Subaru To Drop The CVT Automatic Transmission ...

The CVT is ideallysuited for Subaru in their small and medium allwheeldrive lineup of cars and compact SUVs. Subaru has also made it work well with their 2.0liter WRX turbo Boxer engine and ...

The Quality Question Why Has Subaru 39s Reliability Gone ...

The Quality Question Why Has Subaru 39s Reliability Gone Downhill Subarus used to be known for their rugged durability. Now the socially progressive brand is dealing with severe engine related issues.

IAG Performance Subaru Transmission and Clutch Services for ...

IAG provides Subaru clutch and transmission repair maintenance or replacement. IAG Performance provides Subaru transmission repair maintenance and replacement. IAGs labor rates and part prices are very competitive but do not sacrifice quality or customer care in the process.

Everything you need to know about your Subaru Engine ...

9 times out of 10 Subaru cylinder heads are reusable following an engine failure. They are pretty bulletproof. The only exceptions to this rule are If you overheated the engine this can warp and/or crack the cylinder heads. You broke a valve or scored your cams.

IPT Performance Transmissions

Transmission Upgrades High performance built transmissions and automatic transmission performance parts for Audi BMW Mitsubishi DSM Subaru Toyota Nissan ...

4EAT reverse direction for Vanagon Page 2 Subaru ...

I want to transplant a MY 3997 EJ25 DOHC with 4EAT from a Legacy into a VW Type 2 motorhome Karmann Gipsy . I 39m experienced with the original VW manual transmissions / gear ratios and plan the manufacture of a reversed R and P that should be able to serve in a 25 ton vehicle at moderate engine speeds providing a top speed of max. 120kph / 75mph.

What makes the STI 39s transmission so quotBulletproofquot NASIOC

In a subaru the 6 speed transmission is significantly larger than the 5 speed and all the gears are much larger meaning that they can take more abuse. At least this is how I understand it I 39m sure there are other factors at play too.

Why you are WRONG about the CVT Subaru Outback Forums

The 4EAT is only bulletproof if you choose to ignore the center diff binding the parking pawl slipping hard shifting duty solenoids failing and the entirety of the SVX. None of the transmissions Subaru use 4EAT 5EAT TR580 TR690 are bulletproof and it shouldn 39t be described as such.

Subaru Performance Automatic Transmission Upgrades

The same cannot be said for the 4EAT automatic transmissions found in Subaru vehicles. In factory form these transmissions demonstrate several problem areas that can cause failure in as little as 20000 miles with a stock engine and even sooner in modified appli ions.

building a buggy Page 2 Subaru Transplants Ultimate ...

I did a reverse run in buggy was only 5 seconds 300 hp and smoked the backside of pinon not ment to drive backwards ruined trans. I think you are looking in the wrong direction put a subie diff front end setup in front subie diff suspention in the back one commen drive shaft to conect them. Then...

A Budget Overlander Forester Part II ... Expedition Portal

The 4EAT transmission skid plate takes a little more thought to install an area on the forward corner of the plate is prenotched for easy removal as some Subaru exhaust systems can interfere with the plate ours did . Otherwise installation is fairly straightforward using existing bolts on the transmission housing.

Subaru Transmission Cross Reference Roadkill Customs

SUBARU Transmission Cross Reference Look up a trasnmission by model number and view vehicle appli ions and compatibility or search for a vehicle by make or make and model to display applicable transmission s .

What is 4EAT Subaru Forester Owners Forum

I think moving the selector from D to 3 to hold the 4EAT in 3rd gear may produce faster acceleration to 3rd gear 39s redline which is around 100 mph. If left in D I think the 4EAT will upshift to 4th before that point and not reach 100 mph as fast. My 4EAT has taken its 2nd gear to redline a few times when passing cars before upshifting to 3rd.

Bulletproof Subaru Transmission

The AWD system is bulletproof. It won 39t fit TY85 model 6 speed or auto boxes. Subaru is a car manufacturing division of the large Japanese Fuji Heavy Industries conglomerate. Subaru 4EAT Transmission Temp 99 Subaru OBW 4EAT tube work 3 points 5 years ago. GTR Performance Packages.

Subaru Gearbox and Transmission EVERYTHING You Want to Know

The current design of Jatco automatic transmission being used in Subaru models the 4EAT was introduced in 1988 in the Subaru XT6 and Leone Touring Wagon in a four speed. The basic design has survived but with greatly revised internal setup plus the introduction in Seven Trust models of a 5speed variant with sports shift the 5EAT based on the ...

4EAT DiffLock Switch and Handbrake Mod Subaru Impreza GC8 ...

Edit 3/7/09 Since I initially wrote this DIY I 39ve learned that the basic AWD design of the 4EAT transmission has been around and mostly unchanged since the 1987.5 model year and is in use to this day in the nonVDC cars. It was available across the entire Subaru lineup as well.

Build a Bulletproof Axial Transmission Intro YouTube

Axial RR10 Bomber Budget Build AR60 Dual Shock/Link Mounts Episode 17 Duration 428. Harley Designs 14072 views

4Eat 101 Ultimate Subaru Performance Parts Upgrades

The 4EAT is an extremely hard transmission to break but it is unable to cope with too much extra power because its shifts are still tuned for stock levels. Once you begin to cross to cross the 250 WHP barrier you need to consider beefing up your transmission with a performance torque converter and valve body upgrade. FAQ Transmission Subaru Alcyone SVX

The 4EAT transmission installed in the Subaru SVX also in the Legacy Nissan Pathfinder and Mazda MPV suffers from one fatal problem HEAT. Radiatorbased transmission cooler can 39t keep the transmission fluid cool enough

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