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bulletproof 6 0 mileage

6.0L Steps to bulletproof. FordDiesels

If you39re planning on keeping this truck it39s good to go allout when bulletproofing your 6.0. Yes one of the biggest reasons the 6.0L blows headgaskets is because of EGR failure. Next course of engine destruction is oil cooler failure. The FIRST things that should be done to a 6.0 are a new EGR BPD Delete etc and an oil cooler with a ...

Studdin The CabOn Head Gasket Fix For 6.0L Power Strokes

For ultimate working space the process of pulling the cab quickly became the preferred method of performing a head gasket job on a 6.0L and to this day 9 out of 10 techs do things this way.


For the Consumer or Mechanic we at Diesel Redemption pride ourselves on our expertly tested and low mileage 6.0 Powerstroke complete engines. Our likenew Powerstroke engines come out of expertly and regularly maintained Municipally owned Powerstroke trucks from 20032010.

Bought a high mileage 6.0 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

2007 F350 4X4 CCSB 6.0 PSD ZF6 Manual Trans 3.73s EGR and Cat improvement Edge CTS2 with EGT and Fuel SCT X4 PHP FICM Programmer batt/alt wiring upgrade Bosch 140 amp alternator with overdrive pulley Rotella ELC HighIdle mod 6.4 starter Genex mirror w/temp and compass Magnum RT steps Custom front bumper ...

Bullet proof 6.0 Ford Diesel or trade in

Bullet proof 6.0 Ford Diesel or trade in I never had any of the problems you read about but mostly drove it 60 miles/day round trip to work. Pulled a 4 horse trailer on about half the weekends for 6 months of summer riding weather here in MN.

How much does it cost to quotbullet proofquot and 6.0 diesel When ...

The low mileage would actually be a bit of a concern for me. The VGT in these trucks needs to be exercised or it can have all sorts of fun problems. Check the mileage against the engine hours if the 2003 has an hour meter I can39t recall if it does.

The right way to bullet proof a 6.0 Power Stroke White39s ...

Our process allows us to offer a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty on all 6.0 bullet proof work. We have personally yet to see a truck come back needing a head gasket or oil cooler after we perform our work. We have been practicing that exact process for 10 years now and firmly believe in our process.

Can I trust a 6.0L Bullet proof motor The Diesel Stop

You couldn39t give me a 6.0 or a 6.4. I bought a 6.0 with less than 100000 miles on it it was stock. Three weeks later I had to buy a reman engine for 14500.00 and I spent 18 days in Dalhart Texas to add insult to injury.

What really is required to bulletproof a 6.0 iRV2 Forums

The 6.0 modified chips tuners injector change etc. Would be problematic no matter what anyone says about making them bulletproof. But then I wouldn39t trust any brand of diesel that had modifications and just wouldn39t buy one that had been.

How to bullet proof the 6.0 or over time The Diesel Garage

I just purchased a 6.0 F350 the early 03 model with the round egr coolers It has 119K runs and looks cherry. I bought it with a fair amount of knowledge of the 6.0 and I got such a good deal on it that i couldn39t pass it up. Anyway I was looking for some advice on what i should do first second third etc to bullet proof it.

Bullet Proofing the 6.0L Ford Power Stroke

replacement the 6.0 Power Stroke featuring more sophistication and emissions upgrades such as the variablevane turbo. Critics were quick to point out that Navistar rushed the 6.0liter to market under mounting pressure from Ford and over time the design weaknesses of 6.0L Power Stroke began to surface.

6.0 best fuel mileage Page 2 Ford Power Stroke Nation

BULLETPROOF DIESEL BulletProofDiesel DarnNear Bullet Proof Diesel Products for your 6.0 and 6.4 Biofuels Technologies 1A Auto 1A Auto Aftermarket Auto Parts Car Body Parts Replacement Auto Parts Online 2005 F250


Mileage 103000 City St Bloomington IN Price 15950 Stock Description 2005 FORD F350 DUALLY BULLETPROOF 6.0 ARP HEADSTUDS / EGR DELETE INSTALLED LARIAT ...

6.0 Powerstroke diesel engines Asheville Engine Inc.

Interchangeable with the 6.0 International VT 365 Properly remanufactured with new parts. All 6.0 Long Blocks come standard with 2504202 ARP head studs. Use the drop down list to select year model and any available upgrades that you might want.

What is a Bulletproof Powerstroke 6.0L Ford Diesel Kit ...

But quickly Bulletproof Diesel lost control of their branding and Bulletproof generically referred to an upgraded 6.0 engine kit often consisting of a built motor. The 6.0L Backstory What went wrong at Ford. 20032007 Ford 6.0L diesel engines have a bad reputation.

6.0 powerstroke bulletproof kit Update DEF Delete Kits

6.0 powerstroke bulletproof kit Update John Cope July 4 2020 I wanted to talk a little bit about bulletproofing your 6.0 and you know if youre looking at a 6.0 how to tell if it was bulletproofed and Ill go a little bit more into that as well but the term bulletproof was actually a marketing term buy bulletproof diesel and ...

Is a high mileage used Ford Powerstroke 6.0 diesel a good ...

While the 6.0 Powerstroke has earned a name for itself as a problem engine the low cost and availability of this generation of Superduty pickups have more and more people trying to decide whether to give them a shot or not. So in this series of articles we will be going through a high mileage 6.0 which we have named the Low Dollar Hauler.

Non Bulletproof Longevity of the 6.0L... The Diesel Stop

I keep reading about all these great upgrades to the tune of 5K in mods to make your 6.0L quotbulletproofquot. Are these mods to gain you the maximum number of miles your engine will last or to prevent breakdowns Or both I39ve got a 2004 with about 165K on it. I39ve changed the oil with traditional oil every five thousand miles or less religiously.

6.0 best fuel mileage Ford Power Stroke Nation

BULLETPROOF DIESEL BulletProofDiesel DarnNear Bullet Proof Diesel Products for your 6.0 and 6.4 Biofuels Technologies 1A Auto 1A Auto Aftermarket Auto Parts Car Body Parts Replacement Auto Parts Online 2005 F250

6.0 bullet proof advice. I needs me some. River Daves Place

Brand new trucks are 60k ..... 6.039s are coming back in value. People are recognizing the benefits of a bulletproof 6.0. Personally I would make the fixes necessary to ensure reliability and drive it. Domestic diesel is the best around and they can easily make that assessment and get you on the road.

Bulletproof 6.0 Power stroke build on 2004 Ford F250

In this installment of our 2004 Ford F250 Super Duty project we grabbed all the best parts from Bulletproof Diesel and Sinister Diesel and fixed every single common problem on a 6.0L Ford Power ...

How do I Improve Fuel Economy on a Ford 6.0 Diesel Truck ...

You39ll also want to make the switch to synthetic or highquality oil in your truck39s transfer case and differential. According to a test conducted by Truck World on a 2004 Ford F250 equipped with a 6.0 diesel engine changing over to quality synthetics and highquality oils/fluids improved gas mileage by 11 percent.

Ford 6.0 diesel...that bad Pelican Parts Forums

The 6.0 was a fairly high specificoutput TDI from the factory and does not respond well to chips or tuners that bumpup the boost and fuel. ARP headstuds are not necessary at all on a stock motor. They don39t hurt and are great insurance but if you read the blown 6.0 stories on the diesel boards there is almost always a common theme regarding ...

6.0 Powerstroke Fix common issues Bulletproof 6.0 Powerstroke

Do you want a bulletproof 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel Power Products carries a variety of products to fix the most common problems associated with the issues surrounding the 0307 6.0 Powerstrokes. We carry upgraded head gasket kits ARP headstuds replacement oil coolers EGR valve delete kits Casserly 6.0L Performance Injectors the BD 6.0L ...

bullet proofing the 6.4 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

6.0 because it can be fun without violating laws. The 6.4 is a gamble in many ways. You mod it it voids the warranty and the EPA can get you ooooo. And it is much more expensive to fix. If you have a good modded 6.0 I would keep it they are nice trucks and solid motors after what you did to them.

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