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did 06 6 0 need bulletproofing

bullet proofing 6.0 Diesel

Running an 3903 6.0 for an RV puller 3906 6.0 for a daily. Both are around the 200000 mark. Both are factory stock. No Tune. Both the new Ford OEM oil coolers and EGR welded bypass. Neither studded. Both on original factory head gaskets. Both run good. The two things I feel help are. 1gt ZERO TUNE. Its not a sports car.

Can I trust a 6.0L Bullet proof motor The Diesel Stop

You couldn 39t give me a 6.0 or a 6.4. I bought a 6.0 with less than 100000 miles on it it was stock. Three weeks later I had to buy a reman engine for 14500.00 and I spent 18 days in Dalhart Texas to add insult to injury.

Bulletproofing a 6.4 vs a 6.0 Diesel

Remember that just bulletproofing the engine isn 39t all that is necessary for a 6.0. The vehicle 39s life before it changes ownership to you is very significant. I bulletproofed my 6.0 but since I can 39t see inside of an engine I had no idea that it needed way more love than the bulletproof.

6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Specs and Info

The 6.0L Power Stroke was introduced for the 2003 model year and offered alongside the 7.3L Power Stroke for this single model year. By 2004 the 7.3L was completely phased out in favor of International 39s new highly advanced 6.0L Power Stroke. The engine was backed by Ford 39s 5R110W TorqShift transmission or a ZF 6 speed manual unit.

Can you bullet proof a 6.4 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

99 F250 4X4 6.0 trans cooler 08 mirrors 05 grill AIS Intake lvl kit JW Vbody cncfab hpop lines WW2. 04 Excursion Modified 04 F350 Modified 06 F350 Modified

Bulletproofing Ford 6.0 Diesel General RV Information ...

We bought a 2007 Ford 6.0 diesel truck. It has 54K miles. There are known issues with this engine and many shops specialize in bulletproofing to fix these issues. One in Phoenix seems to be the most prominently mentioned but I saw a video on another in Corpus Christi Texas.

06 SMB 6.0 4x4 Bulletproofing Anyone Page 6 Sportsmobile ...

Originally Posted by ndubes I asked them about the 6.4 and they strongly recommended a starter that was locally built Copperstate 6.0. It does seem to crank a lot easier had to just go with their 06 SMB 6.0 4x4 Bulletproofing Anyone

Bullet Proof Diesel Ford 6.0L Cylinder Head Repair Tool

If you have diesel fuel in your Ford 6.0L cooling system there is a very strong likelihood that you have a cracked cylinder head s . This crack occurs in the fuel injector bore and allows diesel fuel to mix with coolant.

Bullet proof 6.0 Ford Diesel or trade in

Also then new 6.7 has issues as well. I want one. But they do have issues. You just can 39t push 400 hp and create that much heat without causing something to break. In a couple of years they will have them all worked out. I am looking at a brand new 2016 F350. For now I 39ll keep my 6.0 and my money.

2004 Ford F250 6.0 diesel. Did a bullet proofing on this ...

2004 Ford F250 6.0 diesel. Did a bullet proofing on this engine. New EGR cooler New oil cooler new head gaskets studded the heads new injector cups etc. Engine runs great but diesel in the degas tank. Took the heads off and sent out for pressure testing. Absolutely no leaks found from cups or any cracks.

Tips and tricks for a new diesel owner doing a 6.0 coolant ...

I did not use any of the cleaner as the concern was that if I did and it dislodged material it would clog the cooler I just replaced. I did replace the external filter after I was done. My truck is a 2003 F250 6.0L after I had done it I find that my water temps will barely reach high 180s and has never hit 190 not sure how I feel about that.

Ford FSeries How to Install 6.0 Bulletproof Kit Fordtrucks

Head gasket replacement is typically a must for the 6.0 Step 4 Lifetime Bulletproofing If you plan on keeping your 6.0powered truck forever and don 39t want to worry about the head gaskets ever again there are some additional steps you can take.

7.3 vs quotbulletproofedquot 6.0 PowerStrokeArmy

id go 7.3. in fact i did. unless the current owner of that 6.0 is able to show receipts for all that work i wouldn 39t even consider it. that 7.3 is a nice truck. trans will never be an issue. if you want to swap in a coil front end on the 7.3 you can for the ride comfort. also people are more impressed with a built/quick/powerful 7.3 in excellent condition that they are a 6.0. you can work on a ...

Lawsuit Against Ford and 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Engine ...

The 03being the first year for the 6.0 was the worst as you have found out .050607 were much better motors.I own an 06 with a rebuilt motor but the reused the turbo which blew when it had 123000 miles on it.Im a Harley tech by trade so I wasnt going to pay someone to fix it.I found a lot of help from guy knows ...

Powerstroke 6.0 Starts Runs Then starts missing and then ...

I have done the bulletproofing myself. I did the HPOP and HPO Branch Tubes. Also i get one code. P0269 Cylinder 3 Contribution/Balance But if i shut down that injector it does run different so i no the injector is working. I Hooked up a snap on modis and did a buzz test and it all checks out.

Bulletproofing Checklist Ford Power Stroke Nation

the Company quotBulletproof Diesel quot BulletProofDiesel DarnNear Bullet Proof Diesel Products for your 6.0 and 6.4 is the whole reason people refer to some 6.0 39s as quotBulletproofedquot now granted the term is also used loosely for a studded and EGR deleted truck but to get a truly Bulletproof truck you need to

Will ALL 6.0s need to be quotbuilt up/bulletproofedquot Ford ...

There are a lot of stock 6.0 trucks out there and going strong with lots of miles on them. Two caveats to the truck you 39re looking at is 1 Low miles are not necessarily your friend when it comes to a 6.0 2 IMO it is way way over priced. Personally I would not pay over 14000 for any 12 year old truck that has not been driven much.

Ford F350 Super Duty Questions is bulletproofing a 6.0 ...

is bulletproofing a 6.0 diesel motor a good idea and at what mileage is best to have this done 14 Answers i am new to the diesel truck trend and need one at this point in my life for work. I am not a ford fan but I know they are good for towing and hauling.

Bulletproofing My 6.0 Powerstroke YouTube

The are the steps I took for my bulletproof job. Ill show you the truck itself soon. Hope this is helpful. Jeff Durbin Automotive 806 3290058.

The Biggest Problems With Power Stroke 6.0 Liter Diesel ...

The VT365 also known as the 6.0 Liter Power Stroke diesel engine was used in 20032007 Ford Super Duty trucks and 20032010 Ford ESeries vans/chassis cabs is a 32valve pushrod V8. Bore is 3.74 in

Common 6.0L Power Stroke Problems

The 6.0L Power Stroke replaced the tried and true 7.3L for the 2004 model year the 7.3L and 6.0L were both offered for the 2003 MY . A new engine design was necessary to meet stricter emissions regulations while maintaining Ford and International 39s competitive edge in the market.

EP 4 Ford 6.0L Problems and Bulletproofing YouTube

NEW PHONE NUMBER 519 4182886 In the shop today with Dustin we talk about the 6.0L engine and its major problems. As well we cover how to navigate past those issues with our bulletproofing ...

6.0 Powerstroke Problems Issues and Fixes Little Power Shop

The 6.0 only has four bolts holding down each cylinder and two of them are shared with the next cylinder. It just isnt as robust of a design as the 7.3 before them. The first couple years the 6.0 was out is where the bad name for the head gaskets really started.

Can I trust a 6.0L Bullet proof motor The Diesel Stop

It 39s safe to assume the truck NEEDED to be bulletproofed due to some failure. Owners of good running 6.0 39s generally do not drop the money into a quotgoodquot 6.0 if there is such a thing... I would strongly recommend you ask the owner quotWhy are you selling the truck AFTER you spent the money to bulletproof it...quot

what do i need to bulletproof a 06 6.0 Ford Power Stroke Nation

Doing the work your self you cab bulletproof a 6.0L for under 2000 On my studs I torqued them 3 times within 6mo of the stud job just to be sure they are all tight no pucking at all with 50 psi of boost it don 39t get much PSI in the bottle and I keep coolant to the brim.

Is bullet proofing a 6.0 really possible Ford Power Stroke ...

own a 6.0 The 6.0 for a diesel engine is a rather complex diesel engine. Your average shop tech should not be allowed near a 6.0 or your average home hobbyist mechanic. Not repairing one thing correctly can lead to 3 other new issues if not performed properly.

Bulletproofing a 6.4 vs a 6.0 Diesel

Wondering what the communities consensus is on purchasing and bulletproofing a 6.0 vs a 6.4 powerstroke From what I understand the 6.0 is a 500k engine once fully bulletproofed what about the 6.4 Are they really considered quot150k throwaway motorsquot What kind of bulletproofing is required to get away from that stigma.

what do i need to bulletproof a 06 6.0 Ford Power Stroke Nation

i got a lead on a automatic 2006 6.0 f350 xlt 4x4 flatbed with 40000 miles on it for 20000. i know its a good price but i was wondering how good it is. i wanted to know what i would need to do to bulletproof it ive heard about putting on egr delete kits and doing the head studs but id like to...

7.3L vs. 6.0L Which Power Stroke Is Really Better DrivingLine

WHY FORD CHOSE THE 6.0L. By 2003 Ford was in need of a newer more powerful engine. The 7.3L had already been uprated five different times just to get to the 275 hp 525 lbft mark and it was still falling short of the 300 hp 6.6L Duramax released by GM in 2001.

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