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why not have bulletproof turrets on top of tanks

Do tanks with non rotating turrets still exist Quora

I assume the question refers to Armored Fighting Vehicles with a casemate rather than a turret. In that case yes they still exist. There are plenty of leftover examples from both WW2 and the Cold War.

Ballard series armored vehicles Just Cause Wiki Fandom

Unlike the DTWV2 vehicles these vehicles do not have a specified name for the series. However if the M5B1 39s tank turret is were a modifi ion to an original design the quotB1quot designation may have been added to specify that modifi ion which would mean that the M5 is the default name.

T28 Super Heavy Tank Wikipedia

As it did not have its armament in a revolving turret Ordnance requested a name change to 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 the change becoming official in March 1945. However due to its heavy armor and armamentwhile selfpropelled guns in United States service were lightly armoredit was renamed Super Heavy Tank T28 in June 1946 by OCM 37058.

Basic Tank Parts HowStuffWorks

The hull is the bottom portion of the tank the track system and an armored body containing the engine and transmission. The hull 39s job is to transport the top portion of the tank the turret from place to place. The turret is an armored structure supporting one or more guns typically a heavy cannon and a couple of machine guns.

LowCost Titanium Armors for Combat Vehicles

LowCost Titanium Armors for Combat Vehicles Jonathan S. Montgomery Martin G.H. Wells Brij Roopchand and James W. Ogilvy. The U.S. Army has been using more and more titanium to either increase armor or reduce the weight of current combat vehicles.

and Tank Turrets They really shoot and some WIP ...

Added WIP follower tank like all the items NOT in the lefthand egory these are major WIPs and more of a bonus to the main/focus items quotTurretsquot egory . Reverted Aggro Radius changes to all mod turrets in order to correct an incompatibility issue between this and Moddable Robot Settlers Compilationmay try to work in an alternative ...

Belly of the Bulldog 2015 Belly of the Bulldog 2015 ...

I 39m not some cinema snob who enjoys pontifi ing over this or that nugget of art in a film. I 39m just a guy who enjoys a decently entertaining movie. quotTank 432quot was absolutely not a decently entertaining movie. Not just a somewhat poor plot but no real plot at all. Unless quotrun and hidequot qualifies as a plot.

Ball turret Wikipedia

A ball turret was a sphericalshaped altazimuth mount gun turret fitted to some Americanbuilt aircraft during World War II. The name arose from the turret 39s spherical housing. It was a manned turret as distinct from remotecontrolled turrets also in use. The turret held the gunner two heavy machine guns ammunition and sights.

SWAT Turret Payday Wiki Fandom

The SWAT Turret is a special enemy in PAYDAY 2 unlocked on February 10th 2015 as part of The Hype Train community event at 300000 gallons of hype fuel. It was released during the Spring Break Event 1321 March on day 5. While commonly mounted on SWAT Vans in open outdoor areas they can also appear under helicopters and indoor turrets exist mounted on the roof.

Turrets And Tanks Games Play Turrets And Tanks Flash

TURRETS AND TANKS is a nice hybrid of tower defense game and shooter. Buy and place weapon towers on market spots on the ground. Wave by wave you need to destroy enemy convoys of almost bulletproof tanks before they can reach the ship at the harbour.

The day tanks changed the face of war The World from PRX

The Renault FT was the first with that distinctive feature of modern tanks a rotating turret on the top. The British heavy tanks all had their weapons on the side. The Renault FT light tank was ... Wiki Fandom

Aiming Mouse the Tank will point toward the players mouse. Note for autoTanks The player must hold left click while pointing at its target to temporarily disable the automatic responses of the weapons of the Auto3 Auto5 Auto4 and Mega3. This does not apply for automatic turrets on top of Tanks and drones.

Preston Tuckers ingenious 5ton Tiger Tank was by all ...

He designed the Packardpowered Tucker Tiger Tank also known as a combat car complete with a 360degree Tucker Turret individually adjustable headlamps and air conditioning. The Dutch werent interested in his ideas so Tucker presented the idea to the U.S. Army.

Top 10 Main Battle Tanks

Western tanks have a separate compartment in the turret bustle with a blowout panels. The T90 is not as accurate against longrange targets however it can launch antitank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary munitions.

Turrets And Tanks Try your best to defense your base

Welcome back to the shooting game This time I will introduce you a defense game named Turrets And Tanks. Practice your shooting skills as well as have a nice relaxing time by playing this game at friv 5 kizi.Your task is very simple but not easy. You have to shoot the vehicles of enemies to defeat them all and protect your ship. When one tank of enemy gets down to your ship in friv 5 online ...

Why don 39t tanks have two or more turrets Quora

I must point out in regards to the speed of modern tanks that it 39s not entirely about tactical combateffectiveness. Higher speed allows a tank to more quickly cover the distance to a combat zone as air transport is not always available practi...

The WWI tank that helped change warfare forever BBC Future

The tanks turret which housed a machine gun was found in someones garden where it had pride of place on top of a rockery. I dont know how pleased the mans wife was with this ...

Why do tank destroyers particularly in WW2 not feature a ...

The first key to putting the turret less Stug III on an enemy target was a good reliable driver. During the course of the war his tank was knocked out three times By a LendLease Sherman twice by Russian 76mm. He had over 29 kills mostly T34 39s countless trucks and antitank guns. Even against latter model T34 39s the Stug III could hold its ...

Sherman Tank Turrets and Turret components The Sherman Tank ...

The D50878 or 75mm turret The Original Turret. The Sherman tank saw combat with two turret types. The turret it saw combat with first was the D50878 turret mounting the M34 gun mount with an M3 75 mm gun mounted in it. The earliest versions of this turret had a rotor site coupled to the gun but these were replaced with an improved casting ...

The War of the Giants Wikisource the free online library

Not quite for the frightful uproar without did not seem to have decreased in the least though there appeared to be no shells falling near the Thunderbolt. The gunner swung his window in its pivots noted that the Thunderbolt was leading the line of tanks along the reverse slope of a hill with the turret gun firing occasionally as the ...

Where To Aim At Tanks To Deal More Damage AllGamers

On lowtier tanks aiming at the exposed tracks or suspension will cause significant motion damage often preventing full movement. A lot of the early tanks do not have large amounts of armor so it can be fairly easy to land decent hits. Try to aim where the turret meets the top of the tank as this is often a weak point even on hightier tanks.

Steam Workshop simfphys armed vehicles

ww2 sherman tank main cannon and coaxial mg controled by driver front machinegun controled by passenger MW3 Leopard 2A7 main cannon and coaxial mg controled by driver turret 360 machinegun controled by passenger rerigged and reanimated version of Kali 39s model

M60 Patton Main Battle Tank

M60A1 is an improved version produced since 1962. It was fitted with a new turret which was better protected. Ammunition load was increased by 3 rounds to 63 rounds. An explosive reactive armor kit was developed for the US army tanks however it was not fielded by the US Army.

Drug Cartels Building Tank Like Vehicles

Mexican cartel members have built multiple vehicles similar to military tanks complete with bullet proof plates glass and slots for machine guns. ... they 39re fitted with swiveling turrets to ...

To stick my gun in the vision slit of a tiger or not ...

I can 39t think of any WW II tank that did not have a glass block protecting the vision slot. Maybe some of the light tanks or armoured cars made without but all the main tanks had them. One of the problems early T34s and KV1s suffered from was that poor quality glass made it difficult to see through the vision slots.

Army 39s Newest Airborne Unit Gets SecondHand But Air ...

Army 39s Newest Airborne Unit Gets SecondHand But Air Droppable USMC LAV25 Armored Vehicles The 82nd Airborne Division has been without its own light armored vehicles since it retired its M551 ... Online Addicting Games Online Isometric tank battles in space what more could you want This is an MMO arena shoot em up where you spawn as a tank in space and have to hunt down all the other tanks until you are the last tank left standing. There are different kind of ammo powerups you can run over to upgrade your turret.

Bulletproof Cars All you need to know TeamBHP

Armouring a Vehicle How bullet proof cars are made First you have to have a suitable vehicle to armor. Though most armored cars are built to customer specifi ions so technically any car can be armoured but it 39s best to stick to a proven model which the armouring company advises or even better chose the model which the company has been regularly armouring like Land Cruiser Fortuner X5 ...

r/tanks Did anyone ever mount Browning 50.s on BTR60s Are ...

I haven 39t done the research to give an exact answer. But yes the windows in fighting vehicles tend to be made to stop the bullets from service rifles if not larger rounds on more modern stuff. It 39d be silly to have the whole vehicle well most of it resistant to bullets but not the driver 39s vision port.

worth it Vehicles GTAForums

On top of this it has a switchable tank turret with exploding rounds that destroys everything. You can even use it solo from the dpad by swapping between driver and turret user or get a friend to help out if you have any of these It lays up to FIVE proximity mines at NO extra cost once you 39ve researched it. These are great

Why can 39t we use the tanks mounted gun GTA Online GTAForums

Also bugs me to see a mounted gun on the tanks and not be able to use it. Ive tried to get a second player in the top of the tank but it never works the tank seems 1 player only. What the hell is the point of a second hatch and a machine gun if we cant use it

Army AntiAircraft Stryker Can Kill Tanks Too Breaking ...

Hellfire has not only a larger warhead than the Armys standard Stinger antiaircraft missile 1820 pounds vs. 6.6 but a long range than the TOW antitank missiles on its M2 Bradleys and ATGM ...

M4 Sherman Wikipedia

While it was a big improvement when tried by the British in Africa against early German tanks the placement of a 37 mm gun turret on top gave it a very high profile and the unusual sidesponson mounted main gun with limited traverse could not be aimed across the other side of the tank. Though reluctant to adopt British weapons into their ...

Dome vs Turret vs Bullet What are the pros and cons

The Bullet or Shoebox camera is the camera you would traditionally expect to see in a busy City Centre on the top of a high pole watching the town and large crowds. This camera is not very popular for home owners as it can often look unsightly and doesnt offer anymore benefits vs the Dome or Turret in a home installation scenario.


Today i 39m sharing some of the 3 top Quetz builds currently in Ark for tanking turrets battle and farming no mods Hope you Seven Trust find this helpful if you do leave a like music Title Hero 39s ...

Turrets And Tanks Play Turrets And Tanks Online on SilverGames

TURRETS AND TANKS is a nice hybrid of tower defense game and shooter. Buy and place weapon towers on market spots on the ground. Wave by wave you need to destroy enemy convoys of almost bulletproof tanks before they can reach the ship at the harbour.

Turret Wookieepedia Fandom

A turret was a mount for a weapon that enabled it to turn and pivot allowing it to fire in many different directions. They were mounted on many vehicles starfighters and starships. Weapons mounted on turrets included laser cannons and other types of projectile cannons. Tanks tanklike vehicles and walkers usually had their main weapon mounted on a swiveling turret although they could also ...

Grasshopper Light Tank Tanks Encyclopedia

In other words this was not a flying tank but a light tank capable of great leaping jumps at least in theory. The Design. The aerial aspects of the design were inspired by the Igor Sikorsky YR4 and VS300 Helicopter designs although the designer did not have much information to work from based on wartime military security.

Plan B Supply Armored Humvees for sale

Plan B Supply can UpArmor all Hummer H1 and Humvee Hmmwv Military Vehicles. If you do not have your own vehicle We have a selection of used repaired and refurbished Humvee military vehicles that we can provide to you that are ready to be armored to different balistic resistance levels.

TMP quotTank Machinegun Turrets effectiveness vs infantryquot Topic

Strangely the turret machine gun persisted in one way on the developments of the top turret 0.50 cal mini turrets that plagued the M48 and later the M60 with its 39 mini turret on top of a ten foot tall turret already. The M48 turrets were despised and most armies figured out ways to get rid of it in favour of a more flush design.

The U.S. Army 39s 39New 39 M1A2C Abrams Tanks Will Enter Service ...

The M1A2C is the latest variant of Abrams to enter production. Congress in 2019 gave the Army 1.5 billion to buy 135 M1s from General Dynamics extending a program that began in the 1970s.

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