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what does bulletproof mean for diesel

Bulletproofing stock 6.4L The Diesel Stop

2008 f350 job 1 h and s mini w/s1m sinister egr/cooler delete afe cai flopro ic pipe and intake elbow ccv mod 5quot flopro dp back exhaust rotella ec1 rated coolant dieselsite coolant filter 6000k beamers hid head and foglights 2.5quot leveling kit air lift 5000lb air bags w/onboard compressor kmc xd hoss wheels w/35x12.5r20 nitto trail grapplers

Bullet Proof Diesel YouTube

Bulletproof Diesel 39s remote mounted oil cooler install on a 6.0 Powerstroke Duration 2821. DieselTechRon 168914 views. 2821. Fixing 6.0L Pattern Failures Episode 1 ...

What does quotBullet Proofquot mean Bullet Proof Diesel

What does BulletProof Really Mean We are the authority and source of all things Bullet Proof when it comes to diesel aftermarket parts and services. Click on this web page and read for yourself so that you KNOW what it really means to have a Bullet Proof Diesel.

MDS Diesel Service Blog

In fact we have several trucks in various stages of BulletProof upgrades right now This is a stock or quotfactoryquot 6.0 oil cooler and Oil Filter housing after it has been removed from the engine. This is a Bullet Proof Oil Block with the factory oil filter housing.

Frequently Asked Questions Bullet Proof Diesel

What does quotBullet Proofquot really mean What is the origin of a Bullet Proof engine What does it truly mean a Bullet Proof 6.0L Isn 39t an EGR delete and Head Studs the way to make a Bullet Proof 6.0 So what can I do to ensure that when I buy a diesel truck with a claimed Bullet Proof engine that it truly has genuine Bullet Proof Diesel ...

Bullet Proofing the 6.0L Ford Power Stroke

Bullet Proof Diesel has designed . solutions to address both problems. The first is their own tubulardesigned EGR cooler. Instead of using an internal radiatorstyle fin design Bullet Proof Diesel uses a tubular setup inside the EGR cooler than is stronger and less prone to cracking. In fact Bullet Proof Diesel is so confident their streetlegal

Ford F350 Super Duty Questions is bulletproofing a 6.0 ...

EGR delete done. 575000 miles on 2003 6.0 F250 4x4. Was bullet proofed under warranty.Have changed all injectors due to NOT changing fuel filter on time. Don 39t ignore that. Some professional diesel people say best diesel on the market. Get you one Love it

What does it mean to be bulletproof Ford Powerstroke ...

The actual answer to your question would lead you to the company quotBullet Proof Dieselquot and I would imagine their quotfull bulletproof kitquot would give you the definition you 39re looking for. Most of us are working toward what would probably be safely considered quotsemiquot bullet proof as we mostly don 39t choose the BPD external oil cooler.

Level 2 and Level 3 BulletProof Services Bullet Proof Diesel

Services in the Bullet Proof Diesel shop. If you have the service done in our shop and we are happy to do so here is what you need to know. The Level 2 includes the Bullet Proof Engine Oil Cooler along with the Bullet Proof EGR Cooler. It also includes lots of upgrades as seen in our Professional Install Package.

10 Ways To Make Any Truck Bulletproof Diesel Power Magazine

Check out our list of 10 ways to make any truck bulletproof. See how to get more life work and durability from your diesel in this month 39s issue of Diesel Power Magazine Exclusive Content.

What Does It Mean to Bulletproof A Diesel Engine

BulletProof Diesel quickly became synonymous with fixing the many flaws found on Ford 39s 200307 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel V8 engine. Today the company offers a wide range of products designed to ...

Bullet proof 6.0 Ford Diesel or trade in

When I bought my Ford diesel was less than regular gas. Now diesel is higher than Seven Trust gas. I only have 160000 miles on my truck and hope to at least double that mileage before I get a new truck. Given the cost and complexity of the new diesels and the cost of fuel I am not sure it will be money smart for me to buy a diesel in the next truck.

What does it take to build a BULLETPROOF 6 ... The Diesel Stop

So my 03 6.0 is puking coolant from the degas bottle under high boost. It still runs fine and does not overheat or anything but I 39m thinking its days are numbered. I 39m on the fence about fixing or trading for an 08. With 150k miles I know a lot of stuff is going to go south soon which is...

Everything need it to FULLY bulletproof a 6.0 Ford ...

I would like to bulletproof my 2007 truck around the fall season and want to start doing a list and buying parts but I would like to do the WHOLE THING since im taking everything apart and i would like to do everything at once i mean all the updates needed to fully bulletproof it and I would like to know if there is a complete list of every ...

Editors Pick Part 1 Bullet Proofing our 6.4L Diesel Tech ...

Bullet Proof Diesel. The slogan at Bullet Proof Diesel is If you depend on it Bullet Proof it It seems like every 6.0L or 6.4L owner either has Bullet Proof Diesel products on it or is planning to in the near future. This manufacturer has a solid reputation in the diesel industry and a lot has to do with its EGR Coolers.

How to bullet proof a 24v IGOTACUMMINS

So being that im about to purchase 2001 HO 24v with the nv5600. I 39d like to quotbullet proofquot it. I haven 39t seen any threads on here detailing necessary upgrades. First step I know everyone says upgrade the lift pump. Ok but what brand what gph what kit. I 39ll be ordering gauges to keep an eye on fuel pressure as well as pyro and boost. I have no plan on making this a race truck. Just a good ...

Easy Access Bullet Proof Diesels Remote Mount 6.0L Power ...

10. Next Wamsley readied the new Bullet Proof Diesel oil cooler relo ion manifold for installation by bolting the factory oil filter assembly to it using some of the factory bolts and a few replacement ones provided by Bullet Proof. He also installed all new gaskets and swapped any sensors over.

Bulletproof Definition of Bulletproof at

Bulletproof definition of vehicles glass clothing etc. capable of resisting or absorbing the impact of a bullet. See more.

Why You Should Delete Your EGR On Your Diesel

Since the EPA began requiring diesel manufacturers to include an EGR exhaust gas recirculation they have proven to do more damage than good.The EGR was an attempt to decrease the amount of pollution the engine creates.

BulletProof 6.7L The Diesel Stop

BulletProof 6.7L. Jump to Latest Follow ... SCT 4in exh. 103K New heads to repair diesel in coolant 148K. 2006 F350 Lariat CC Dually 4X2 6.0 auto 4.10 LS SCT ...

What is a Bulletproof Powerstroke 6.0L Ford Diesel Kit ...

Bulletproof originates from Bulletproof Diesel a parts and service shop in Mesa Arizona. Bulletproof Diesel became famous making aftermarket EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation coolers for Powerstroke 6.0L Diesels. Theyve since added aftermarket oil coolers fuel injection control modules FICMs water pumps and other aftermarket parts.

BulletProof Diesel

BulletProof Diesel is a company that started out trying to solve a problem the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke 39s inherent issues with the EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculator Cooler. The first product by Bulletproof was the upgraded EGR cooler and soon to follow were the EGR deletes and upgraded oil cooler.

Bulletproofing A Diesel Pickup Does Not Mean Indestructible ...

Im fairly certain I have been asked to bulletproof something at least two million times in the past year. I understand what they mean when they say it but Im not sure they understand what they are going to get exactly. Or rather what they should be able to do with a bulletproofed truck.There are a couple examples that come to mind instantly. First would be the infamous 6.0 ...


Thats what Bullet Proof Diesel does They make diesel enginesparticularly the Power Stroke Fordsrun like clockwork. By installing their kits youll have a truck that runs well for much longer than it ever would from the dealer and thats awesome.

How to Make Your Duramax Diesel Engine Bulletproof DrivingLine

Enter the 6.6L Duramax diesel V8 that arrived on the scene in 2001. While the Duramax didnt revolutionize the diesel pickup industry the 5.9L Cummins did that for Dodge in the late 80s it did debut the first set of aluminum cylinder heads this segment had ever seen. And its aluminum heads happen to be the highest flowing cylinder ...

What Does It All Mean Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

A forum community dedi ed to Ford Fseries owners and enthusiasts with a Power Stroke diesel engine. Come join the discussion about performance bulletproofing modifi ions classifieds troubleshooting maintenance and more

Will ALL 6.0s need to be quotbuilt up/bulletproofedquot Ford ...

Bulletproof oil and egr elc sct x3 edge CTS afe intake blue spring t500 MTW stage 2 Vivians looney 305 x55x20 bfg at ko 39s 4 inch back 4quotBDS fox shocks and steering stabilizer tri pilar gauge set coolant filter riff raff boots new headliner 7 inch touch screen w/back up new carpet near whole new interior

What Does It Mean to Bulletproof A Diesel Engine

Related Diesel Swap Donors 101 BulletProof Diesel quickly became synonymous with fixing the many flaws found on Ford 39s 20032007 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel V8 engine.

6.0 Bulletproofing Breakdown YouTube

Our Ford F250 SEEMORE quotAfter the Bulletproofingquot at Bullet Proof Diesel Plus New Upgrades Duration 1235. Long Long Honeymoon 74506 views. 1235.

9 Common 6.0L Powerstroke Problems and Fixes Diesel Resource

What Does Bulletproofing a 6.0L Powerstroke Mean If youve ever thought about buying a 6.0L Powerstroke and youve made an effort to look online for available trucks you may have noticed the term Bulletproofed in the description.

What exactly does quotbullet proofquot mean as it relates to ...

What exactly does quotbullet proofquot mean as it relates to engines I see the expression quotbullet proofquot used quite often by all of the regular pelican heads. I understand the obvious impli ions of what this means but I was hoping to better understand the specifics preferrably with my 3.2 with 115k and no maintenance history.

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