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bulletproof lyrics griffin oskar

Griffin Oskar quotBulletproofquot Official Music Video YouTube

The first visuals out from Griffin Oskar for his song quotBulletproofquot off of the Hostage EP. Director Rob Gilbert Producer Jeremy Hartman Editor Marc Beroza.


Griffin Oskar Answer lyrics and video Verse 1 How do you fix a broken heart Why is it you can 39t uncrash a car Something else there beyond the stars Why can 39t we know the point...


Griffin Oskar Head Above Water Lyrics. You held it down When I felt like I was drowning But now I 39m jumping in feet first I don 39t have time to be sure and I 39m not sure But baby I

Griffin Oskar We Don 39t Get High like we used to Lyrics ...

Ashes and dust Is all we become when the smoke clears In the back of this car Two broken hearts Can 39t find a spark how 39d we get here We don 39t get high like we used to We don 39t get high like we used to Took too many hits though we 39d never quit now it 39s gone gone We don 39t get high like we used to Not like we used to Laying in your bedroom staring at the ceiling Tolerance is up now we 39re numb to ...


Where you gonna go when you can 39t close your eyesltbrgtWhere you gonna go when you can 39t change your mindltbrgtWhere you gonna go when you leave without meltbrgtWhere you gonna go when this all pass you byltbrgtOh it 39s so messed up I don 39t walk the way I talkltbrgtI 39m so caught up in the love I want ...

Griffin Oskar We Don 39t Get High Olori News and Music Blog

Griffin Oskar We Dont Get High Olorinews April 20 2020 Leave a comment We Dont Get High Mp3 Download Los Angeles based singer songwriter producer and the Hostage crooner Griffin Oskar comes through with a new single We Dont Get High like we used to to kick start the year.

Griffin Oskar Hostage Lyrics Genius Lyrics

Hostage Lyrics I 39ve been looking for a way out of this cage you keep me in / Your hands touch my neck as your breath creeps up underneath my skin / I can 39t help but to want it if you want my

Turn The Lights Down Cavalcade Shazam

I find peace In dirty sheets I see love Everywhere i sleep Holding hands In a world of heat No one understands you I can 39t see you here I can 39t hear you clear Turn the lights down We 39re gonna shut it out Close your eyes now We won 39t know tomorrow Only one night No one 39s gonna see you here No one 39s gonna hear you clear I saw you walking through the street Street lights bright on your misery ...

We Don 39t Get High like we used do Griffin Oskar LETRAS ...

Griffin Oskar We Don 39t Get High like we used do Letra e msica para ouvir We used to be a blue dream now were just a nightmare / we used to ch fire now were caught in a cold stare / Just look at us / Ashes and dust / Is all

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